Conspiracies Related to India

What are Conspiracies?

1.Aryan Invasion Theory.
2.The Assassination of Indira Gandhi by proxy,by the International Bankers[She nationalized banks and followed the policies of the erstwhile USSR and even criticized the USA,in the USA in front of Reagan in a Press Meet.].Afghanistan and Iraq,especially,before the aggression by the USA, do not have Western Banking systems[which is based on the fraudulent "fractional reserve banking"],so also Libya and Tunisia.
       Indira Gandhi was assassinated on the Halloween-Day[31/10/1984],one of the days and methods,used by Satanists and Illuminati...
   This,brings back,Western and Christian Rule in India!!!
3.The Planting of MM Singh by the Globalists in the corridors of Power in India.This is to Bankrupt India and thus,make her LOSE her Sovereignty and taking control of her,by the Globalist Elites,who thus plan to form the ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT.
     This shows that India has been infiltrated,by all and sundry.M M Singh has been again PLANTED in the post of PM,from 2004 and he is unshakeable,despite a weak Coalition and opposition from a section of the Indira Congress party.Events leading to his becoming PM is  a Masterpiece in manipulation.It shows the Power of those behind this.It also,reminds one, how vulnerable India is!

4.The planting of Antonia Maino by the erstwhile USSR and Opus Dei in India.
5.The Gold swap with Bank Of England and the purchase of 193MT of "Gold",from the IMF.
6.The death of Sanjay Gandhi.
   Was he and Rajiv Gandhi murdered,to make way for,you know who?
7.The closed rooms of the Taj Mahal.
8.Saudi Arab funding of Terrorists.
9.Jesuits supporting the Maoists and the Christian terrorists in India's North East.

10.The sudden death of Lal Bahadur Shastri,in Tashkent.It is surprising that both Shastri and Indira Gandhi who won wars against Pakistan,met with unnatural deaths.In the case of Indira Gandhi,one important factor might have been that she antagonized the International Bankers,by nationalizing Indian Banks.

11.The entire Gold with the RBI is suspected to be Tungsten,plated with a thin layer of Gold.Drilling,melting or both,of the entire sample is a must,if truth is to be known.Gold and Tungsten have the SAME Density and hence it is easy to sell Tungsten as Gold.
  Another article claims:-

The Reserve Bank of India holds 557.75 tonnes of gold. Of this total, a combined 265.49 tonnes are stored (outside India) at the Bank of England and with the Bank for International Settlements. In 2009 India purchased 200 tonnes of gold from the IMF via an ‘off-market transaction‘. A slide from this presentation sums up this information.

The questions then are, is the 200 tonne purchase from the IMF stored at the Bank of England, and how much of the earlier 65.49 tonnes is stored at the Bank of England.

Reserve Bank of India – gold held outside India
A 2013 article in the Indian Business Standard which was reprinted from “Reserve Bank of India history series. Volume 4, 1981-1997, Part A”, explains that in 1991, the Reserve Bank of India entered 2 separate gold loan deals, one deal with UBS in Switzerland (which required 18.36 tonnes of RBI gold to be sent to Switzerland) and the other deal with the Bank of England and Bank of Japan (where 46.91 tonnes was required to be sent to the Bank of England). Together those 2 transactions equals 65.27 tonnes which is 0.222 tonnes short of the 65.49 total.
After the gold loan deals expired, it looks like 18.36 tonnes of Indian gold were left in Switzerland and transferred to safekeeping or deposit with the BIS, and 46.91 tonnes of Indian gold was left at the Bank of England.
Regarding India’s purchase of 200 tonnes of gold in 2009, the IMF only has gold 4 depositories, namely, the Bank of England, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Banque de France, and the Reserve Bank of India in Nagpur, India. Given that the Indian gold stored abroad is “with the Bank of England and the Bank for International Settlements“, then for the 200 tonnes of IMF gold to end up being classified as ‘with’ the BIS, it would have to have either been transferred internally at one of the IMF depositories to a BIS account, or transferred via a location swap or a physical shipment to a BIS gold account at the vaults of the Swiss National Bank in Berne.

For now, the 200 tonnes of gold sold by the IMF to India in 2009 is reflected in the IMF holdings and not the India holdings. It does not make a difference to the calculations, since the 200 tonnes is still at the Bank of England.

12.The deaths of Homi J Bhabha,D.P.Dhar and Madhav Rao Scindia.
13.Indira Gandhi's EMERGENCY.
14.Food prices are being kept deliberately HIGH to usher in GM food and seeds,
15.The Sachar Report,is suspected to be a lie,as it is made by a Government Recommended Committee.Con Artist MM Singh is Globalist,as he is a member, Club Of Rome.Globalists use,"Divide and Rule",in this case exploiting the Minorities against the Majority.
16.Results of International Sports events "manipulated",in favour of nations who have the puppets of the Globalists as leaders.
17.The Budget Deficit is being kept deliberately high to bankrupt the nation.
18.Montek Singh Ahuliwalia,planted by the Globalists.He has worked in World bank and IMF and was member G-30.MM Singh,wanted to make him Finance Minister,repeating the very process used to PLANT himself,but failed due to Opposition.
19.The death of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
THIS is also a good link.
20.Nitish Kumar seems to be in the grip of Bill Gates.
The following is from "" dated 3/1/2012.
  Nitish Kumar makes history, first CM to win Gates award:  

The Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation has accepted the proposal for awarding its first Vaccine Innovation Award to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
The proposal came in the wake of Bihar's remarkable contribution for effectively strengthening the immunisation programme, Executive Director State Health Society Sanjay Kumar said today.
Nitish will thus be the first recipient of the Vaccine Innovation Award, introduced globally by the Foundation having a cash reward of US $250,000.
The Gate's foundation leadership has on their part acknowledged the winner of the award, Sanjay said.
The Foundation had taken the decision last year to bestow the award on an individual/a team having made the most innovative contribution in vaccination field.
The rise in routine immunisation played a major role, in making Bihar a polio-free state in the country, with not a single case of the dreaded disease reported last year.
21.The following seem to be for pushing the US GMO giants in India,as Uncle Sam is piling up pressure:-
i.The high food prices.
ii.Food Security Bill of the NAC,
iii.Inflation kept deliberately HIGH by the UPA.
22.The death of the IAF Pilot,P.K.Bundela,who shot  the Atlantique of Pakistan, in a rehearsal in Jaipur.
IAF accidents.
23.All the Communal riots seem to be the False Flag of the Indira Congress party,reminiscent of GLADIO.The recent ones,namely,GODHRA,KANDHAMAL,LAKHISARAI etc definitely make the following suspicious candidates,when the question,",Cui Bono"? is posed:-the Indira Congress party/Trinamul Congress party/Jesuits/Maoists/CIA/Mossad/MI6.The three INCIDENTS, mentioned especially had big stake holders,possibly,the CIA and the Rothschilds[Mossad,MI6].The aim is to make Hindus look bad and by inference the BJP,the main Opposition Party.This may also be used to invade India by the West,as is being done in Libya now.

24.MM Singh is signing "SECRET" agreement with:-
i.The USA[the so-called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal,the Strategic Dialogue with the ISA and the recently aborted Devas deal which would have put the National Security at stake,as the Radio waves involved were for the armed forces,in addition to th huge loss to the nation.]
ii.The IMF
iii.The World Bank
iv.Possibly with the Rothschilds.
25.MM Singh is transferring National Wealth to Private Hands,and the so-called, Trusts.both in India and abroad.The many scams and unaccounted "missing amounts",during CAG audits, are pointing to this.
26.The Indian media controlled mostly by Foreign religious organizations,are attacking the majority,Hindu Society,to show the latter in poor light.
27.Was Vajpayee Ji tricked into announcing Elections earlier?This seems the reason,as the International Bankers do not like nations like India to be "confident",but servile and meek,drowned in debt[to them].
28.Murders occur in non-Congress party-ruled states,before elections.False flags?
29.The UPA seems a puppet of the USA.Some important,postings are made on the recommendations of the USA,which prefers those from a particular community.The Indian Ambassador to the USA during the days of the so called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal",is one such.The present Defence Minister is another.,where,Volcker got Natwar Singh removed.Actually,the US Globalists prefer another community,which is quite small in number in India.
30.Read about Sukhanaya Devi here and here.
31.Jesuits trying to usurp power in India.NHRC Chairman KG Balakrishnan and ex  President K R Narayanan,are actually CHRISTIANS,PRETENDING to be SC/ST HINDUS!!!!
An excerpt from the above link:-
  • Bhaskraran, a special government pleader in the High Court, comes after he was summoned by Advocate General C P Sudkhara Prasad on Tuesday.
    The Left Front government, headed by V S Achuthanandan, also ordered a probe into the assets of Balakrishnan’s son-in-law PV Sreenijan, which allegedly multiplied from Rs. 25,000 to many crores during Balakrishnan’s tenure as CJI.
    The government has asked Bhaskaran to resign or go on leave for allegedly amassing wealth beyond his known sources of income.
    “We have received a complaint, it has been forwarded to the Vigilance department under the Home Ministry to be investigation seriously,” Achuthanandan had said.
    Former Supreme Court Judge VR Krishna Iyer had alleged that he was approached by a judge not to take Justice Balakrishnan’s kin’s assets issue too far.

    One Response to “More trouble for former CJI (K G Balakrishnan) family”

  1. bharatian said on 
    K G Balakrishnan is a Christian planted by Rome Mary Sonia as Chief Justice, as part of global conversion agenda. K G Balakrishnan’s father was a christian by name Lookose. Thus the name in the church registry is Balakrishnan Lookose. Balakrishnan’s father Lookose changed his name as Gopinathan to usurp the benefits of SC-ST Hindus. He later got retired in a high post from Kerala High court. K G Balakrishnan’s daughter and son in law Sri Nijan was sponsored by World Council of Church to complete higher education in law in London. World Council of Church is a Vatican sponsored organisation with an annual budget of 145 Billion dollar and their aim is global evangelisation. K G Balakrishnan was a pawn planted by Vatican to take favourable verdict for converted Christians in a case registered in 2004 with case number180. Once get a favourable verdict converted Christians can get all benefits granted by Constitution to SC-ST Hindus. By this Vatican can intensify their conversion agenda.
    The forces who stand for Ranganatha Mishra report is also sponsored by Vatican and aims to bring constitution amendment to extend reservations to converted Christians. A Memorandum was submitted by Kerala SC-ST Federation in 2006 to Indian President and copy of it were given to Prime Minister and CBI Director with full evidences that K G Balakrishnan is a christian who grabbed the benefits of genuine SC-ST Hindus. His first son in law Nijan who is exposed by Asianet was a Congres candidate in Njarrakkal in a SC-ST reserved seat. Sri Nijan is a practicing Christian who even openly went to worship in Church even on poll day making mockery of law of land. Christians are using Hindu names and stealing the reservation meant for SC ST hindus. K G Balakrishnan’s second son in law is a christian Benny. These corrupt christians are doing more harm to SC- ST Hindus. K G Balakrishnan was made High Court judge with special recruitment by former president K R Narayanan.
    KR Narayanan was also a christian convert but claimed to be a Hindu to get the reservation. K G Balakrishnan’s brother is another Christian Advocate K G Bhaskaran was earlier suspended from practice for taking bribe when his wife was Magistrate.Later this suspension was revoked following the interference of K G Balakrishnan. This tainted Advocate K G Bhaskaran was made Government pleader by Achuthanandan Government in Kerala. The complete silence of CPM over this KGB episode owe to their links with this tainted family. These christian coverts are christians in church and practice, but in Government records claim SC-ST staus meant for Hindus. Kerala SC – ST federation Advocate K V Kumaran, recently revealed this explosive information about former Chief Justice of India K G Balakrishnan and his family. Christians cheat SC-ST hindus in India and usurp their reservation. If one goes to IIT Chennai all those who got in to IIT on SC ST reservation goes to church on Sundays and they are supported by the christian staff and provided with a website as well for them. Ajit Jogi and his son also produced fake certifitates for reservation benefits.""
32.Most of us are aware of the crude price reaching abour $150 /bbl,during the says of the so-called, "Indo-US Nuclear Deal".This was a manipulation by the Globalists led by Bilderberg to enable the UPA I, US puppets, to cite the same as an excuse in favour of the said deal as the Opposition for the same was tough.It is worth noting that the Globalists boast that all the things,except the natural ones[of course,the USA is capable of weather modifications,Earth Quakes in any part of the world, etc using its HAARP],happening,especially political,movements etc[like the ones in West Asia and Africa] are due to their machinations,False Flag operations.
33.The UPA[I and II] are controlled by the Globalists[The Vatican,The Rothschilds,Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,CFR,Club Of Rome,Skull And Bones etc].MM Singh is a member Club Of Rome.The Globalists consider the majority of any Nation as the ones who will oppose their Agenda of One World Totalitarian Government.In India the Majority are Hindus.Hence the UPA attacks Hindus at every opportunity to weaken them and appeases the two minorities.
34.Was A.B.Vajpayee,made an invalid,by adding "poisons"[slow poisoning] to his food?CIA is against nationalists,and Shri Atal Ji,was a staunch nationalist,under him,India returned some Loans,to the IMF and the World Bank.These two banks do not like such things,as they want Nations to be perpetually,indebted to them."CIA Cancer" is, a suspected weapon, used on six Latin American Leaders,opposed to the USA!
35.All the cases against the Italian Woman Spy and her "Italian Friends",are dismissed!!!
36.Apart from the many "enemy" espionage agencies,others,the CIA,Mossad and MI6,and probably many more in the lines of GLADIO seem to be working in India in favour of the Indira Congress party and very strongly against the BJP and the Indian Left.Godhra,Rajasthan Gujjar Agitation,Kandhamal,Singur,Nandigram,Bhatta-Parsaul and the many rapes,injuries and DEATHS of Dalit girls in UP,with a view on the coming Assembly Elections are suspected to be due to such forces as GLADIO working in India to favour the Indira Congress party,as the question "Cui Bono?" regarding these incidents, if posed,returns the answer:-the Indira Congress party and its Foreign masters.

37.MK Thyagaraja Bhagavatar,a Theist was destroyed by the Political  Opportunists, for advancing their Atheist beliefs.The British might have been hand in glove in this destruction of India's[Indian] Culture.He was dominating the Tamil Cinema.This might have been a hindrance for a particular Political party,as it later used the medium of Cinema to capture Power in Tamil Nadu with "a lot of help" from Rajaji of the erstwhile. Swatantra party.
38.The Italian Woman is in the USA[which has been kept a SECRET], ostensibly, for an Operation.Is it for the proposed "Communal Violence Bill",in which the USA,may be having a very great vested interest?She will be there for the next three weeks which is too large a time.Something fishy is going on!Forbes declares her the 7th most powerful woman in the World,as per reports on 25/8/2011.
39.The death of Dr.Homi J Bhabha,India's Nuclear Scientist.
40.Possible misuse of EVMs in the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections,as:-
i.The Indira Congress party was reeling in Andhra Pradesh in both the Assembly and Lok Sabha Elections.
ii.P Chidambaram,who was declared "defeated" initially, won by a wafer-thin margin of  over 3000 votes.
iii.The Election Commission,is rumoured to have favoured a particular party.
iv.Electronic and Digital means are used for:-
a].Add,delete,manipulate and steal data
b].Erase evidence
41.Rajiv Dixit's death.
The SITE of the Late Shri Rajiv Dixit.
42.The so-called US CRS  Reports,are being misused for "Predictive Programming" of th Masses of/in India to make a particular undeserving person of Bilderberg,the PM of India.
43.No sooner th so-called "Indo-US Nulcear Deal" was signed than Lehmann Brothers announced bankruptcy.
44.The Indira Congress party is an apologist for the terror and other anti-National activities of "THE" TWO Minority Communities.
45.The proposal for the so-called  "Communal Violence Bill" is to suppress the Majority Hindus by a particular Minority Community,which already has a highly DISPROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION in ts favour when it comes to  Central Government appointments.
46.The USA likes to have members of a particular Community in control in India so that they can use the various avenues available[from that Community's position]to further tighten their control.Already the UPA,especially,the Indira Congress party is a puppet of the USA.The USA would like Anthony or the Son of the Italian Woman,as PM of India and are using "Predicitive Programming" techniques over the Indian Masses misusing Media.
47.Opposition to naming Windsor palace Chowk in Connaught Place, Delhi, after Sobha Singh,very strong.
48.Pratibha Patil,reportedly, holds the Indian Constitution in contempt,like MM Singh and other Globalists.This,refers to the case of Justice Sen,in Lok Sabha.
49.2 G spectrum scam seems more complicated with Russia' Sytstema and Shyam Telecom of India,the delivery of Admiral Gorshkov, Nuclear and other[weapons etc] agreements with Russia,and hence more in the Indira Congress party in the Government at the Centre involved.The question,then arises.Is Mr.Raja,jailed wrongly,and to protect some others?
50.Mikhail Gorbachev,writing the Foreword,in the bio of the Italian Woman,by a NRI in Britain[as on 9/10/2011],confirms the reports on the net,that she is PLANTED by the erstwhile USSR in India?
51.Was Swami Vivekananda poisoned?
     It is possible.He was very good athlete and superbly Healthy.He had attained great fame and many might have been Jealous of him.He had been a guest of many and stayed in their houses.Hence there was ample opportunity.he is reported to have revived Hinduism, from the onslaught of Christian propaganda.
52.Though she was born 5 years after the Samadhi, of Swami  Ji,Vivekananda,did Mother Theresa,settle in India to counter the pro-Hindu positive gains of the Swami Ji?
53.   Because MM Singh is PLANTED by outsiders[Globalists],and because  efforts  are being made to implement policies favourable to them,MM Singh first creates a "suitable" problem,to come out with "the" solution desired by "them".
54.Is Air India being destroyed, deliberately, to privatize it and bring in FDI in Aviation?
An excerpt from the above link:-
"A report by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) blamed the decision to buy 111 new planes as one of the major causes of the debt troubles in Air India; in addition it blamed on the ill timed merger with Indian Airlines as well,"
      The following excerpt,is from THIS link:-
    ""Foreign airlines were given unrestricted entry into India and major routes were given to them without taking any reciprocal benefits for Air India. Despite warning that these actions would result in heavy loss of market share to our national carrier, the civil aviation ministry continued with its unprecedented reckless actions. This was done when the ministry had forced Air India to purchase a large number of planes,” said the petition."
      THIS is also a useful link.
55.Another of the umpteen INFILTRATIONs of the GOI.Kaushik Basu appointed Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank!!!

India in danger:-
i) EVM misuse and the "stunning acts" of the Indira Congress party,with CIA's help.IMF,World Bank MI6. MONEY........
  In all Elections,except a few ones like Gujarat,the Indira Congress party fares better than BJP!
ii).Arab Money [Saudi]
       Airlines in India are being destroyed so that the Arabs can control,the same!
iii).USA controls Indian media
a)JP Morgan TOI
b)NDTV CocaCola
Indira Congress party has links with Al Qaeda via the CIA
i)Sachar Report
ii) Fulbright-Nehru favouring Muslims [Muslim outreach,that is exploiting Al Qaeda and dividing,in the case of India,inmto Hindius and "others"....
iii)M M Singh claiming the resources of India belong to Muslims
iv)M M Singh in Ethiopia and other African Nations claiming only Muslims can bring about changes for the good and the like
Attacks on Dalits at the time of Elections.[Even when Elections are in "other" States,Dalit Caste Hindus fight is "CREATED" in TN!!!! 
56.    WEAK Indian Rupee and The "under-recoveries",claimed by the OMCs .
                The Indian Media, were being misused,to "show" that the so-called,"under-recoveries" claimed by the OMCs, were ACTUAL losses incurred by them.This is a LIE.Under-recoveries are NOT actual losses incurred by the OMCs at all.
                These were started only in 2005 for hiking the prices of petroleum fuels,INDIVIDUALLY,which is snot possible under the CORRECT,Cost-Based pricing!
                The idea is to keep the Fiscal deficit perpetually HIGH,to usher anti-India and pro-MNC policies.So after,Petrol was deregulated and its [Petrol by almost 100%]  and OTHER PETROLEUM FUELS' prices, hiked by HUGE amounts,the under-recoveries have to come down.So M M Singh,uncorks another trick up his sleeve.he keeps the Rupee WEAK,citing export advantages. So,the under-recoveries,continue to remain HIGH.This will enable,FURTHER price hikes in petroleum fuels.Thus the Fiscal Deficit,is kept perpetually HIGH.This is to BANKRUPT India!
57.Raghuram Rajan of the IMF  ,PLANTED as the RBI Governor,by M M Singh,another IMF-puppet.M M Singh is very strongly suspected to be PLANTED by the Rothschils,who reportedly,CONTROL the IMF and many other Global Bodies.    
   In effect the Rothschilds control India from,at least 2004.  India is in extreme danger,as two Rothschilds' puppets are holding very important postitions!       
To be continued.........