10/10/2010:-The present Global situation is extremely fluid.
India's immediate neighbourhoods Pakistan and  Afghanistan,are burning.Iran is under some sanctions and is a potential target of the USA and Israel.In Sri Lanka the Tamils seem to be,refugees in their own nation.Bangla Desh and Myanmar pose problems for India,with illegal immigration,Land- and political power-Grab/s.India seems to have lost out to China in all the neighbouring nations.
Russia is targeted by the USA by increasing the number of bases in Eastern Europe.Russia's relations with Belarus is under strain,the gainer being the EU.
The Caspian is the target of the MNCs due to the Oil and Gas reserves.
The Asian region of the former USSR and Mongolia seem to be under the influence of China,or the latter is making a very good effort at having a stronghold and foothold, there.Japan-China,strained relations,are but to be expected,despite all the business dealings.The tension between North and South Korea,can escalate into a full-blown war at any moment.
There is a race for the Arctic ,with Russia,prominent in its efforts to secure neighnouring areas.
And the Global economic situation in general and that of the Western nations in particular,is very bad,and this is a matter of great concern.The use of the "printing press",by the Central Bankers is expected to be liberal,which will devalue currencies,resulting in the shooting up of Gold,Silver and other precious metals,Crude Oil and other Commodities.
For some reason,the environmental disasters seem to be on the increase and wide-spread.There is even some doubt of some sort of Conspiracy,by the Globalists.Talking of Conspiracies,the Globalists are trying their best for Global Governance,with their effort to have the notorious IMF,as the Global Banker,and a part of the G-20,decision-making process.
The Dollar may be devalued to 50% of the present value.And the Globalists are pushing hard to have:-
1.A single Global Currency.
2.The IMF,as "the Global Banker".
"Colour Revolutions" by Saros and other Globalists from the USA are rocking West Asia and Africa.
Earth quake and tsunami in Japan raises questions about the use of Nuclear energy,as at least one Nuke Power Station has experienced an explosion,more so,as Japan is prone to quakes,and has about 55 Nuke plants!!!Since the leaders are not foolish this Nuke Policy of Japan seems deliberate,ignoring the consequences,which are ONLY adverse.And what about the spent fuel?Is it used by the USA to make weapons?MM Singh's Nuke policy under pressure from the USA is equally,if not more,FOOLISH and a deliberate CRUELTY and TREACHERY,on India.
The Globalists use France,the UK and the USA mainly and some other minor nations,as members of
"Coalition" to attack Libya.Iraq revisited.France was very eager as Sarkozy who is becoming unpopular seems to want to exploit this to be re-elected.While the major powers seem to be interested in Libya's Oil too,the Globalists seem to be rushing,in their aim to usher in One World Totalitarian Government.
To be continued.....