Globalists Watch

What the Globalists are doing to India and other nations.
         Who are the so-called Globalists and what IS their AIM?
They are the ones who want the GLOBE[World] to be [like] a SINGLE Nation or those who want to rule the World using a Simgle government.the UN and the League of Nations are examples of a One World Government under various pretexts. 
        What are the organizations of the Globalists?
Bilderberg,Council On Foreign relations,International Crisis group,Trilateral commission,Club Of Rome,World Economic Forum,the IMF,the World Bank,Multinational Corporations,the various Foundationa,NGOs, etc are but some of the examaples.
       How do the Globalists achieve their aims?
By controlling the Media,the UN etc,they come out with various agendas[like DEPOPULATION,STERILIZATION,SEX-EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN,OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION,DEMOCRACY,SECULARISM,ATHEISM,INDUSTRIALIZATION FOR ITS OWN SAKE ETC] and "World Days"[which subconsciously  prepares a person for a WORLD GOVERNMENT].
By destroying nations' Sovereignty economically or War.In India the former method is being used while in Africa and West Asia War is being used.
       How do the Globalists destroy nations economically?
By PLANTING a "Western-educated',person as the leader and intimidating,OTHERS to follow wrong and unethical practices like:-
1.Fractional Reserve Banking and Fiat Money System.
2.Using Derivatives which are at best FRAUDS.
3.Stock Markets,which are also FRAUDS.  
4.Insisting on DEREGULATION.
DEREGULATION is DOING AWAY with LAW OF THE LAND and CONTROL over businesses, so that the MNCs[Multinational Corporations],need not answer to the local government and plunder ALL Nations.
What is being done in India in particular by the Globalists?
In India the Globalists have PLANTED MM Singh and UNDER THEIR DIKTAT/S he is selling India to the Globalist International Bankers,as he has worked with the RBI[the Globalists always want their PLANT to be PREFERABLY a former central banker,so that they can loot the Wealth of the nation],the IMF and the World Bank.He is,STRONGLY, suspected to be controlled by the Rothschilds, and groomed from the UK for his RBI post and subsequently, to infiltrate Indian  echelons of power,by a trick used by the International bankers and HIS OWN treachery of India.

1.Communal differences are created using False Flags, to be used for conversion to Christianity and future attack if "needed",under the pretext of "protecting Christians". Differences between other communities and among Hindus are also created to 'divide the nation",as a United PEOPLE are a THREAT to One World Totalitarian Government.
2.Oligarchs have started charity in Education using their Foundation,to change to "outcome-based education",where the behaviour of the Indian Child is "modified",INSTEAD OF IMPARTING KNOWLEDGE,the very essence of education,to conform to what the Globalists want,WITHOUT questioning.  
3.Privatization and PPP are being used to TRANSFER NATIONAL WEALTH to Private hands,thus bankrupting the nation and ushering in Oligarchy in the Democratic Republic Of India.  
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Indian Globalists disrespect the National Anthem.
Indian Globalists disrespect the Parliament,Court etc.
                  The Oligarchs are planning to convert  the Indian Child to COLLECTIVIST zombie.They are forming Foundations for the same,the Indian Public,without the knowledge of the nuances Carnegie and Rockefeller resorted to,to control Education,in the USA,are "impressed".
                  Earlier Sunil Bharti Mittal and one Nadar also resorted to this trick.
Globalists policies include the following,for forming ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,by making nations LOSE their Sovereignty/ies.
1.Spreading Globalism and opposing Nationalism in all ways by exhibiting unpatriotic behaviour openly.
       these include:-
i.Disrespect to the Indian Constitution and Parliament.
ii.Disrespect to the Indian Legal System.
iii.Disrespect to the Indian National Anthem.
2.Helping the International Globalists to bankrupt India,by transferring the national Wealth to private hands,both Indian and Foreign.For this the Stock Markets  to impose the so-called,DIVESTMENT and PRIVATIZATION and PPP .are used
3.Free Trade Agreements to make nations lose their Sovereignty.Allowing International Scrutiny voluntarily,in climate-related matters,is betraying the nation,by the Globalist Jayaram Ramesh.
4.Make borders irrelevant,by having Rail and Bus transports across nations.
5.Taking over the Indian Child by the State,to impart Transformational Outcome Based Education.
Amartya Sen is a Rothschild poodle.Was a member of the Secret Society,"the Apostles'.
1.Chanda Kochhar.

Mukesh Ambani in the Board of  Bank Of America,from the second week of March,2011.
The notorious IMF a Globalist body has been empowered,by the G20, to oversee and suggest solutions for economic imbalances in USA,UK,France,India,China etc.India's Sovereignty seems lost.On paper the suggestions by IMF are NOT binding but the particular nation may come under peer pressure.Weak nations like India will LOSE their Sovereignty.
Bilderberg,2011,Annual Meeting took place in Switzwerland St Moritz from June 9th to 11th,2011.
The agendas are:-
i.Keep the creation of Global Economic Chaos,ongoing.
ii.Try  regulating the Internet.
Bilderberger Clinton of the USA visited India,from the 19th July,2011, for 3 three days.The Joint Statement bu Clinton and Krishna contain many Globalist Agendas,the most dangerous of which is the formation of a Trilateral Commission among the USA,India and Japan.
Sibal INSULTS the National Flag and gets sued.
What mischief,Club Of Rome resorts to achieve its EVIL aims?MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome.
To be continued......