Important Anti-India Bills Pending in the Indian Parliament

   Following the installation of Con Artist MM Singh,member,Club of Rome, a Globalist body,POSSIBLY by the Rothschilds,IMF,the World Bank and the Bank Of England,first as the Finance Minister and then as the Premier of India,the following pro-Globalist Bills are awaiting to be debated in the Indian Parliament:-
1.Seeds Bill,to favour the dangerous US GMO, Monsanto.
FDI in some sections of the Farm [Agri] Sector,increased to 100%.
India has been sold to the US GMO Cos.
2.FDI in Education and other Education-Related Bills to convert the Indian Child,the Future Citizen into an unquestioning Collectivist Zombie,for ushering in One World Totalitarian Government.Student Loan scam, is also foreseen.two completely unrelated programs are to be misused as per Sibal Clinton Agreement:-
i. Fulbright Nehru Program,which interferes with the religious Affairs of India.
ii.Yale India program by which the USA will buy the Indian Parliamentarians.Yale is a reported front of the CIA and the Home to the notorious "Skull And Bones".
        The following are the Bills proposed under this section:-
a.The Educational Tribunals Bill, Unfair Practices Bill
b.National Accreditation Regulatory Authority for Higher Educational Institutions
c.Foreign Educational Institutions (regulation of entry and operations) Bill are pending. 
The item under c above is the most dangerous and anti-India of all.
3.GST.This proposed Tax Bill is to be/being debated to make the Tax Regime the same,not only throughout India but throughout the World as well.By this the States will lose their powers.And hence they are fiercely opposing the same.Hence the UPA Globalists are resorting to an Amendment in the Constitution.
4.Communal Violence Bill.
         It is very surprising that the Communal Indira Congress party which has Minorities in all key positions is advocating this Bill.False Flag attacks o the Minorities and the Dalits to blame the Hindus is anticipated.CIA/Mossad/MI6 are hand in glove with the communal Indira Congress party.Godhra,Kandhamal,Singur,Nandigram,Lakhisarai,Gujjar Agitation in Rajasthan in 2008[BJP in power] and Bhatta-Parsaul in UP[BSP in power] are all False Flags[Gladio Clones].In UP,with the elections due in a year's time Dalit and Minority Girls are being raped,injured extremely cruelly, and murdered,to blame the upper caste Hindus as anti-Dalits and the Hindus as anti-Minority.Cui Bono?The Indira Congress party.
         This is to suppress the Majority Hindus by the Minorities especially,by a particular community,which has unjust and DISPROPORTIONAL representation in the Bureaucracy under the Indira Congress party.The hand of the USA[where a particular Minority is dominating the Christians in their turn!] and the Globalist Oligarchs is strongly suspected behind this proposed Bill.
5.Land Acquisition Bill.
6.The controversial Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill,opposed by Kerala Food Processing Associations, will be tabled in the coming winter session[2011], of the Parliament.Insurance,Banking and Pension Fund Bills are also to be tabled during the session. 
7.The so-called Food Security Bill
i.This tries to destroy the Federal Structure of the Nation by USURPING the Power of the States.
ii.This tries to create Food Shortage at a later date,by allowing Realty and Industrialization on Fertile Lands,and citing the same for ushering the GMO of the US Cos.
8.The Companies bill,2011:-
The Companies Bill, 2011 was introduced by Corporate Affairs Minister M Veerappa Moily in the afternoon that makes provision for up to 7.5 per cent profit of companies as corporate funding of political parties and NGOs
To be continued.........