India V China

  India should accept the fact that,China is an enemy,as she is THE friend of Pakistan. So she should take,active counter measures against China,as the saying goes:
"A nation not prepared for War,will be compelled to do so,by repeated DEFEATS in the battlefield".
This saying is mine,partially.1962 is a very good example.
 The strength of China V India
1.Military Superiority.
           China:North Korea,Iran,Pakistan,Russia
           India :None
3.China has encircled India from all sides,with good relations with Pakistan,Myanmar,Bangla Desh,Sri Lanka etc.
4.What should India do?
i.Increase manpower,armaments related to the Military.
ii.Have South Korea,Japan,Taiwan etc as allies,and try for more like the recent initiative with Vietnam..
The Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao visited India recently and proceeded to Pakistan.At the same time China finished a tunnel on her side of the border near Arunachal Pradesh.It also had an air link started with Pakistan.
The main points of contention remained,except a desire to increase bilateral trade.
a.China did not promise anything about the stapled Visa for Kashmiris.
b.China did not agree with the Indian point of view regarding 26/11 and Pakistani terror in general.
c.SIX agreements were signed.
5.And wow,after all the PR acts by Wen,China says that J and K,is NOT in India.
6.China is reportedly helping the ULFA in the North East.
7.Intrusions by China in Arunachal Pradesh are on the increase.
8.37 intrusions into Uttarkhand by the Chinese.
Chain gains control of GWADAR Port,Pakistan!!!
10.After Sri Lanka,China outsmarts India in Maldives too.
To be continued.......