India Vision 2020 by The Planning Commission,2002
Defence And Foreign Policy:-
India has the following,neighbours of which Pakistan and China threat is extremely dangerous and worrying.Sri Lanka,Myanmar,Bangla Desh,Nepal and Bhutan.Now China wants to join the,so-called, "Kashmir dispute".According to India,Kashmir is not a disputed territory.China seems to have outsmarted India in South East Asia,and encircled her.China recently invaded India and there was no answer from the UPA "leadership".A good and latest analysis,of India v China.
China is posing problems as regards Brahmaputra intending to build dams.
China humiliates in India in Ladakh,in September 2011.

India seems unprepared for a Nuclear war,whereas,the USA,USSR,North Korea and China seem to be prepared for the same,with underground tunnels.These four nations,can survive a first Nuke Strike by,and can inflict a counter strike,of their own,on the enemy.
India does not produce major Military and Civilian equipment like:-
1.Commercial Airliners,which is monopolized by the USA,Europe and Russia.
2.Though one Air-craft carrier for the Indian Navy is being reportedly,being produced,the experience with Gorshkov,which Russia,wanted to give to India FREE,and later charged for the same,due to India's diplomatic coziness with the USA,is a reminder that India needs to be self-sufficient in matters,relating to armaments.
3.India is overly dependent on Russia Israel for her armaments,is not self-reliant and is buying a lot of arms for defence.
4.The UPA,the Italian Woman and MM Sigh work "in secret" individually and collectively to the detriment of the nation.Kashmir is a case in point.

India's leadership,seems to be in the hands of her enemies,as MM Singh,member Club Of Rome,former IMF employee and Globalist,is suspected to be planted and controlled by the Rothschilds,while the Italian Woman by the Opus Dei and the erstwhile USSR.The UPA and its "Leaders" work in "secret" individually and collectively.
The future under MM Singh and the Italian Woman is very very bleak for India.These two were in sleeping mode when the Kashmir problem started and allowed that to escalate.In Telengana too the Italian Woman took a dictatorial decision and then went into the sleeping and frozen mode as Andhra burned.
Repeated bullying by China has no answers from these two.Some members of the Congress party and the UPA are educated in the Harvard University,which is reported to be a CIA front.

Some leaders of the Indian Left meet the Chinese leaders openly and hence are suspected to be the puppets of China.The Muslim League of India had dissolved and got assimilated into the Congress party.
Thus these two are idle and lazy.The only thing that MM Singh does,is,possibly taking orders from the Rothschilds,the CIA,and other Globalists.

The Indian Left seems to be controlled by China,as some leaders of this party,regularly visit China and meet with the Chinese leaders.
Terrorism is dealt with passivity.The Maoists and the Christian Terrorists,in the North East,are reportedly,openly supported by the Jesuits,who are reported to have links with the CIA and other Intelligence Agencies of the Western and Pacific nations.
The policies being followed by the MM Singh Government seem to be the diktats of the IMF,the CIA,G20 and the Rothschilds,and hence are anti-India,anti-Middle-class and anti-poor.The Rothschilds and the IMF reportedly,have a penchant for bankrupting nations,and hence India is in very great danger.MM Singh and the Italian Woman lack political and International Diplomatic skills,and allow dangerous situations to develop.They simply drift,freeze and scamper back to their sleeping mode.Kashmir,Telengana and India's North east are very good examples.Recently China was infiltrating in Ladakh,using Nomads or their Soldiers in the garb of the former,and was repeatedly humiliating India by brazenly,crossing over the border into Indian territory,leaving signs of destruction and their having present in Indian territory .These two simply lied to the Indian public.Maoists are allowed control vast swathes of land and  to go on rampage with no reply from the Central Government.
Foreigners  dominate Indian Media,attacking the local Majority.
False Flags:- The Congress party,the major partner of the UPA seems to a puppet of the CIA(two Ministers are educated in Harvard,which is a front of the CIA),and during the last many State Elections,seems to have  resorted to False Flags like assassination,murder,kidnapping,in collusion with the Maosists,in states which are under opposition control.
Toppling Opposition Governments in States:-
The Congress party always tries to topple Governments in States ruled by the Opposition.
Using the Minorites:-
The Congress party always,misuses the minorities to "divide the nation and remain in power".For this communal riots are created and the majority community is blamed.This has happened in Godhra,Kandhamal,etc.The Congress party,by its actions has shown that it is anti-Hindu,although it claims to be secular.Caste is also misused for the same purpose.
     The so-called sham judicial investigation and false conclusions,arrived upon,on the burning of the train compartment in Godhra,by the Rail Ministry under theUPA,is a very great shame on the Indian Democracy.


Corruptions galore from the Congress party-led UPA and the utter dishonesty of the party at the Centre,is a grave danger to the Democratic Republic Of India.The loss of National Wealth is also very huge.
The Congress party is trying a lot of diversionary tactics.

The misuse of the Government machinery is a cause for alarm for the ordinary Indians.CBI,CVC etc are misused right from posting people who have been openly corrupt.
Legal System:-
This is a joke.The poor are punished for simple offenses and even tortured to death,while the rich go scot-free,of anti-national acvtivities[treason,under Law], and HUGE scams.
This is a very serious blot on Indian Legal system and the Media.
To be continued........