1375 murders unsolved in Delhi.
A 2 year-girl died in a bomb blast carried out by Muslim Terrorists,in Varanasi,at about 18:25 Hrs.
The 2G Spectrum scam has resulted in the parliament being adjourned for the 19th day in succession,as the Congress party is being Dictatorial.It is not admitting mistakes and does not agree for the just demand for a JPC from the Opposition.This reminds one of the Emergency of the Late Lady Dictator,Indira Gandhi.
2G spectrum scam continues to hog the limelight,with the Congress party's tactic to prevent JPC,by any means.The Opposition is demanding a JPC and the Parliament did not work at all in the Winter session.
France,UK and the USA attack Libya[19/3/2011,the same date on which the USA used air-power,against Mexico in 1919,the day on which bombing of Germany was stated  in 1945 and the aggression against Iraq by Bush].Area near Indian Mission[which is reducing manpower],under attack,as India abstained from the voting and expressed objections for the brazen attack by the cruel Globalists.
 India reeling under scam after scam.The recent Wikileaks expose by the Hindu about the MPs being bribed by the Congress party[pointed out by the BJP,in the parliament,in 2008],has again made one realise what a crook and Con Artist MM Singh is!
To be continued...