MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist body and hence a Globalist.He is suspected to be PLANTED by the Rothschilds,who are also reported to control the IMF, World Bank,Bank Of England,the US Federal Reserve,BIS etc,and who have,reportedly, a penchant for Bankrupting nations and taking control of them,using PRIVATIZATION,PPP etc,and diverting Gold belonging to Central Banks,for Tungsten plated with Gold,by swapping,as Tungsten and Gold have almost the same densities.MM Singh is a former IMF employee,and IS following the diktats of the Rothschild's,the IMF and the World Bank from whom,unnecessary loans are availed of,to make India fall into the Debt Trap set by the International Bankers.
                Hence the economic trends under MM Singh are:-
a.Bankruptcy of India,like the USA,UK,Portugal,Italy,Ireland,Spain,Greece etc.
b.Transfer of National Wealth to the hands of the Oligarchs and other Private Hands.This seems to have started as far back as the 90s of the last century,when Con Artist MM Singh was appointed Finance Minister,and picked up momentum after  he was lucky to land on India's top job.
             Corruption,contempt for the rule of law,the Constitution[the parliament],the National Anthem and the Flag and above all for the intelligence of Indians by the Globalist UPA shows that India is a Dictatorship under the UPA a puppet of the USA and its CFR,Trilateral Commission,Skull And Bones etc.Bilderberg,the Rothschilds,Rockefeller etc also see, to be highly influencing the UPA under MM Singh,member Club Of Rome.
           So the Trend is:-Tada Democracy.India is a Dictatorship under the UPA.Antonia Mainio and MM Singh..
               The UPA is a poodle of the Bilderberg, USA,in addition to being the puppet of the Rothschilds,IMF and the World Bank.The so-called,Communal Violence Bill,of the NAC seems to be under the pressure of the USA[and its Globalists],where a Minority Community is dominating the rest.In India also a Minority Community poses a threat to the rest.
              Hence the Political trend for India are:-
1.The Majority is threatened by the Minorities.
2.Fear and anxiety of,LOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY,of the Nation.
3.India is becoming or has already become a Banana Republic under the UPA.
             There were a spate of corrupt acts by the Congress party and her coalition partners in the UPA in both the States and the Centre.It started with the 2G spectrum scam from as far back as 2007 and others like the huge CWG and Adarsh Society scams began to emerge.meanwhile "petty" scams to the tune Rs 5 Crores,being Antonia Maino,Con Artist MM Singh and Karan Singh, were a regular feature.The UPA is interested in a WEAK Lokpal Bill,so that its HIGHLY CORRUPT members,will not be caught.
            Unelected,MM Singh asked the Judiciary NOT to interfere in the matters concerning the "executive",though he misused his powers by looking the other way when the corruption was going on and the same was pointed out to him by Dr Swamy,and chided the Constitutionally appointed body,CAG for its report,regarding the 2G spectrum scam,by asking it NOT to make much of a  "GENUINE ERROR".
           MM Singh is also guilty of insulting the National Anthem,along with P.Chauhan,CM,Maharashtra and Tharoor.He runs away on Foreign tours, unable to even contemplate the need for his, appearance before JPC,when the Parliament is in Session.
           The Legal Trend is contempt of the Indian Constitution,National Anthem,Parliament and Court and HUGE corruption  by the UPA.
           The policy of the UPA,containing a lot of Globalists and CIA moles is dividing the nation,so that Opposition to them will be weak.The main aim is "communal divide" and creating hatred.The tendency to tag Hindus as "saffron terrorists",is dangerous.At the moment,the Hindus in India are suffering under the UPA.
The Maoist Terrorists are having strong bonds with Trinamul Congress party a member of the UPA Coalition at the Centre.This terrorist group has the support of the Jesuits,who are supporting the Christian terrorists in  North East India also.Thus TERRORIST are in power at the Centre.
         The economic policies favour the Globalist MNCs and Indian Oligarchs,mainly Rothschilds Oligarchs,under MM Singh and Montek Singh Ahuliwalia as both are former IMF and World Bank employees,which are reported to be controlled by the Rothschilds.India's current Five Year Plan[as on 31/7/2011],is dictated by the World bank to encourage PPP,Privatization,offering "CASH" instead of FOOD ITEMS,like grains[which will make the money useless as the Inflation goes on increasing],to the POOR,etc.Cost of living is increasing day by day and the poor and middle class find it hard to make both ends meet.    
         Surveillance by Universal Identity Card,cunningly camouflaged as "Unique Identity Card"[UID],biometrics in PAN cards,openly covering Phone Conversations,and trying to impose restrictions on the Internet Access to sites,are some of the methods being implemented by the UPA.
        Thus the social trend under the Globalist UPA,is that the Majority Community of Hindus and the POOR are at a disadvantage,in the Surveillance State[Police state],and the Indian Democratic Republic is in extreme danger,under the UPA.
India is in the iron-grip of:-
1.The Bilderberg and USA.
2.Rothschilds and other Globalists[Trilateral Commission,Council On Foreign Relations,Club Of Rome,Skull And Bones, Bohemian Grove etc]
   The CIA,Mossad,MI6,Jesuits etc are working overtime in India with False Flags,like,the Gladio-Clones in abundance.[Gofhra,Kandhamal,Lakhisarai,Singur,Nandigram,Bhatta-Parsaul etc].Cui Bono?The Indira Congress party and the Minorities,especially,the Jesuits.
7.Media and Democracy:-
              The efforts by the Indira Congress party's Sibal to stifle "net Freedom" does not augur well for India which is already suffocating under "the One Family Rule".
   The recommendations of of Farooq Abdullah and Mahathir of Malaysia,are a subtle suggestion for the Indian masses and is extremely dangerous for Democracy in the Republic Of India.
    The trend is a desire of the Indira Congress party to convert the Democratic Republic Of India into a Banana Republic.
  The Indira Congress party has become notorious, for mega-scam after mega-scam,the notable ones being:-
i.Coal Block Allotment Scam.CAG has accused M M Singh,as he was in charge of the Coal Ministry,when this cam occurred.
ii.2 G spectrum scam
iv.Air India.
v.GMR-delhi Airport terminal 3 scam
  Many acts of the Indira Congress party are arrogant like,M M Singh,signing International Agreements without the mandate of/from the Indian Parliament,the many scams,M M Singh running away when confronted with corruption,the announcement of the hike in petrol price,misusing the LIE,"under-recoveries'....And the arrest Jagmohan Reddy,by the CBI,when M M Singh is away on a 3-day tour of Myanmar seems pre-planned...
To be continued......