Visits of "Leaders"....

Visits to and from India,by "Leaders".It is difficult to agree with the lavish praise for India,in the first link.For example MM Singh was and is still,as on 14/1/2010, trapped and accused in the highest corruption scandal,in the history of India,which seem to occur regularly under him.He seemed to avoid the Parliament during his Seoul ad EU visits.He simply wanted to be away and did not have the guts to face the Parliament.Instead of defending himself in India,he was making observations from Berlin etc.In the latter visit he seems to have contacted the Indian Jairam Ramesh,the Environment Minister, in Cancun, by secretly coded communication,to betray India,as the delegation,Ramesh  leading, was surprised by the points he raised and agreed to,clearly violating the mandate he had from the Indian Parliament.
24 "leaders" visited India in 2010.
Union Ministers spent Rs 42 Crores in TRAVEL in 2010/2011.
MM Singh made 11 Foreign Visits,in 2010.
1.Robert Zoellick:To India around 13th/14th of January,2011.This person  is a very dangerous Globalist and the World Bank also,has, reportedly,cynical and mala fide,aims.Purpose:-
World Bank loan to Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

2.German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle (C); chairman of the Indian Aga Khan foundation India,  visited, India, 17 October 2010. Westerwelle is on three-day visit to India during which he is expected to meet with  M M Singh.
3.Wen Jiabao:-
December 2010.3 day visit.Business deals struck,but birder problems remain,and hot line is to be in place between India and China,indicating a more tense relationship.
4.Dimitry Medvedev:-
 Nuclear and other Businesses and Military matters
5.Obama:-For making India lose her Sovereignty.The USA has de-industrialized,following a policy decision,in the 60s of the last Century.It is mainly,interested in :-
i.Finance.This is a dangerous relation,as the Wall Street bankers are not trustworthy,as per reports.India is a possible target for bankruptcy,especially her Municipalities,using the Derivatives.India's EPF and Pension Funds are also,slowly being diverted to the casino,Stock Market/s,and it is only a matter of time before the Common Indians became paupers.
ii.To sell weapons to India,as the USA is a Military Industrial Complex.As its weapons get obsolete,and as they get replaced,the old ones have to be used in a war/s or sold,to countries like India.
iii.Pushing GMO into India.This is a very important aim.At present the food prices are kept high,for this,as a False Flag.The crops in India were damaged by rains.Strong doubts persists regarding weather manipulation for the same.there was unseasonal rain in Leh also which is quite abnormal,as Leh does not experience rains at all.The rains and floods in Leh,are suspected Chinese weather modification tests,as per THIS site.
3rd week of January,2011:-Indonesian President  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.Deals signed.
6.MM Singh visits China for BRIC and Kazakhstan for signing an Oil deal,in April,2011.In the process he continues to insult[as he is a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome] India by not casting his vote in Assam,which he has given as his place of Domicile for a seat in Rajya Sabha.
7.S.M.Krishna visits Nepal from 20th to 22nd ,April.2011,as China has won her over.Maldives in July,2011 and donates $5 Million.
8.Clinton to visit India on July 19th,2011 for "Strategic Talks".Joint Statement of the UPA and the USA.This relationship is like that of the Lion and the Ox in the story in the famous Panchatantra fables.Some of the dangers for India and the Common Indians are:-
i.Trilateral Commission,with Japan.The hand of the dangerous Globalist Rockefeller,is quite evident here.
ii.Interference in the education of Indian Children to make them Globalist zombies.
iii.Nuclear Business despite Fukushima and the USA's poor record on its Nuke Plants.US MNCs are not TRUSTWORTHY
iv.Entry for US businesses,in other areas.
On the 20th of July,2011,the US Secretary Of State,was in Chennai.
Though she mentioned about the Tamils in Sri Lanka,was this visit for;-
i.Garnering support for the UPA in the many Bills in the Parliament in the coming Session,regarding the Liability in case of a Nuke  Accident in the Plants proposed to be supplied by the US MNCs?
ii.For more business opportunities for the US MNCs in TN?
9.S.M.Krishna completes his Bangla Desh visit.MM Singh to visit Bangla Desh in September,this year..
10.India's President to visit South Korea,by 30th July,2011.May push,for  Nuclear co-operation, 
11.The Italian Woman was in the USA "in secret" ostensibly for Cervical Cancer Operation/Treatment,from 4th August to 8th September,2011.her Son and Daughter paid her visit/s during this time in the USA.Earlier she with her son was in Switzerland at about the same time the Annual "SECRET" Bilderberg meeting was going on from 9th June 2011,at St Moritz.These secretes are harmful to the national Security,as she is the Dictator now of India.
12.MM Singh visited Bangla Desh from 5th to 7th September when he had to cut short the same due to the 7911 Delhi HC Blast.
13.9 Indian Ministers,including MM Singh[to address the UN General Assembly],Pranab Mukherjee[for $1 Trillion Loan from the USA,IMF and the World Bank, for the Infra Sector,which seems to have been cancelled],Anand Sharma,Ghulam Nabi Azad,were in the USA in the month of September,2011,with two Bureaucrats also joining.MM Singh will be visiting Iran on his way back.
30/9/2011 to 7/10/2011:-
                                        President Pratibha Patil on tour to Switzerland and Austria.
                        The President of India is in Austria after a brief visit to Switzerland which was also visited by the Italian Woman in June,2011.Hiding of Blackmoney?
                       President Pratibha  Patil returned to India on 8/10/2011. 
MM Singh visits South Africa for the "IBSA" Tripartite Meeting.
15.UPA politicians' travel travails.
16.In April,2012,President Pratibha Patil,visited,South Africa etc....
Pranab Mukherjee and Kaushik Basu visited the USA,where they were grilled and forced to implement Diesel price Decontrol,FDI in retail,Aviation etc.The Indira Congress party,seems to be in the iron grip of the Bilderberg.
Jaipal Reddy,Minsiter For Oil and NG,visits Turkmenistan and signs the TAPI pipeline Agreement.Earlier this Month,S.M.Krishna, Foreign Minister visited Arab Countries.
M M Singh,on a visit to Myanmar for balancing.neutralizing, Chinese influence on this nation and for,the so-called, "energy", security?One fears M M Singh actions, as he, due to his slavery and LOYALTY, to the IMF,World Bank etc ,has a habit of signing International agreements,holding India to utter contempt without mandate from the Parliament.
               SM Krishna will attend the SCO, meeting in Beijing,[6th tp 8th June,2012] as the Representative of an Observer nation.Read here.
S.M.Krishna in the USA for "Strategic Dialogue III".
i.Homeland Security Co-operation[NCTC] is a threat for Indian Citizens.
ii.Education is threat for India
iii.US "philanthropists" to donate to Indian NGOs.A very great threat to India.
  Over-all, Indira Congress party is being grabbed by the Bilderberg.
S.M.Krishan in Cuba for co-operation in Oil-Exploration etc.
To be continued...
M M Singh has left for G-20 and Rio+20 meet in Mexico and Rio De Janeiro respectively...
M M Singh in Pretoria.
M M Singh and the Italian Woman visit Assam to inspect the damages due to floods
S.M.Krishna in Tajikistan to discuss Afghanistan,after US troop pull out[?!]
S.M.Krishna in Pakistan on a 3 day visit for laying the ground work for M M Singh's visit to his native place.
  The Italian Woman in the USA for '"Medical Check up",second year running.Total third year from the date of "OPERATION". India is in danger due to the secrecy of the Dictator..
                   The Italian Woman has returned today,after "medical check up",in the USA....!!!
                SM Krishna in the USA for the UN general Assembly Session.
To be continued.......