Friday, January 30, 2015

NDA,Signs Trans Pacific Partnership,In Effect,With The USA!

   The NDA seems to have signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership,which is being SECRETLY negotiated by Governments for the last 3-4 years,in:-
1.IPR Agreement

   USA may try to CONTROL India's Food Supply,via Bio-tech Cos,misusing this.
2.The so-called Indo-US Nuclear Deal,by providing Insurance Cover for the vendor's Liability In Case Of Accidents.
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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1/4/2014;UPA Attacks Gold And Silver Ruthlessly!

1.UPA raises tax on Gold and Silver imports.
     Tariff value on Gold reduced to US $ 421 per 10 GRAMS,from 445 and that of Silver to,644 from 694/Kg.
  At the time of writing,the prices of Gold and Silver,in the International markets are:-
Gold US $ 1286/US Oz [Rs 26751 Re 59.91 v US Dollar].In India Rs 28360/10 Grams
Silver US $ 616.63/Kg [Rs 36942/Kg];  in India  Rs 42835/Kg
Tax base tariff for Gold = Rs 25222/10 gram 
Tax base tariff for Silver =  Rs 38582 / Kg 
Premium on Gold in India =  Rs 1609 per 10 Grams About 6%
Premium  on  Silver in India = Rs  5893 per Kg About 16% !!!

2.BDI falls drastically.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

MH 370 Hijacked?If So,Is India Prepared?

    There are reports,that MH 370 was hijacked by Intelligence Agencies to get hold of Micro Chip Technology,with Military Applications among other things.
    This raises the India prepared?It is reported,that Boeings can be controlled,by the vendor,in flight!
     Why the so-called "leaders' are so naive?Can anybody buy a machine,with controls,in the hands of the vendor?
     There seems,to be,"the",  Rothschilds connection! They seem to have got the patent [Freescale Semi-conductors].. for the Micro Chip,mentioned,in the first link.
       GPS data show the possible direction of the plane to be Diego Garcia.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

India's Fiscal Data

THIS link provides Fiscal Data for  data


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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

India's Weather Management Poor

    When I read THIS,about 17 Districts in Gujarat being declared 'drought-hit',I was wondering about the lack of proper Management of resources,like Water etc.,in India.
   While one cannot do much against Drought,except water conservation and COLLECTION,during rainy season, Floods etc can  and SHOULD be controlled,which is sadly lacking in India.Huge amounts of Water during rainy season is allowed to go the sea.Lakes and Dams will be,useful in collection water and lessening the adverse effects of Floods,namely loss of Human and  animal lives and Crops.Gujarat,especially Saurashtra,lacks rain and drought is common here,but the people are resilient and they cultivate,crops like groundnut,cotton etc which  require,less water . 
    Even drought can be reduced with ,seeding the cloud[if its formation is observed]with Silver salts,producing rain.
    Narmada Dam has alleviated the Water shortage in Gujarat. 
    While one is aware of trees being cut etc. REAL ESTATE and the method of construction of Housing Societies,are the basic reason for lack of rains and less agriculture.While the former,results in trees being cut[trees are needed to trap the clouds],using Fertile Lands for Housing reduces food production.And there is NO PROVISION for collecting RAIN WATER ;like Ponds etc.Only bore-wells which will deplete ground water levels.
    In the earlier days, upto about the 1900s,Indian villages were near a Temple with a pond or a river for Water requirement of the people.Thus every Housing Society, should have a Pond for collection of rainwater,the size being dependent on the population.
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anti-Rape Bill Passed in The Lok Sabha

The above Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha today[19/3/2013].Age for Consensual sex retained at 18,due to the anger of the Citizens.
      Powerful paedophiles have been,exerting pressure for reducing the age and for introducing "Sex Education" to school children.