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India Firmly In The USA's Pocket : A Slave Of One World Totalitarian Government Of The Globalists.

  India enjoyed,a brief period of "independence", till about 1968 [ that is,about 20 years],when the International Bankers began to PLANT their puppets in the RBI,then into the Ministry and Cabinet and as the PM of India.
   After a brief period of Non-Alignment,India is now firmly in the grips of the USA,after the erstwhile USSR was dismantled.
    It is suspected,after the Nuclear Test in the 1990s ,the BJP under Shri Vajpayee was bullied into submission by Strobe Talbott [via his many talks at many locations worldwide with Shri Jaswant Singh,the then Foreign Minister Of India] and Bill Clinton,to accede to Globalization.
  The rest,as they say, is History.So also, India's "Independence".....
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M M Singh 1
M M Singh 2
                                      The part by this person,as described in the link 2 above,is very important,as given below:-
"Enter Dr. Manmohan Singh: The Economic Origins for New Delhi’s Strategic Shift?
The Indian shift away from non-alignment and its strategic partnerships is deeply connected to the unseen regime change in New Delhi that was initiated with the restructuring of Indian economic policy. 1991 was a year of change for India. It was also the year that President George Bush Sr. declared that the “New World Order” was beginning to emerge and also the same year as the Gulf War and the collapse of the Soviet Union.
A common denominator between 1991 and India in the late-2000s is Dr. Manmohan Singh, the current head of the Indian government. Dr. Singh received his doctorate (PhD.) as an economist from Oxford University and also attended Cambridge University. He is a former ranking officer of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in India. His positions included Deputy for India on the IMF Committee of Twenty on International Monetary Reform (1972-1974), IMF Associate (1976-1980, 1982-1985), Alternative Governor for India on the IMF Board of Governors (1982-1985), and Governor for India on the Board of Governors of the IMF (1991-1995). Several of these positions coincided with appointments within the government and national cabinet of India. This also includes the position of Dr. Singh as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (1982-1985).
Dr. Singh was one of the faces behind the restructuring of the Indian economy in 1991, in league with the IMF. He was appointed as the Indian Finance Minister in 1991 by Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, a man accused with corruption, during a financial crisis that was brought about by IMF policies. India was nearly bankrupted during this period of reforms and state assets surrendered to domestic and foreign private investors. The economic policies of establishing a truly self-sufficiently Indian economy were abandoned and privatization became wide spread. Economic liberalization pushed aside the long-term goals of eliminating poverty in India and providing high standards of living. The Indian agricultural sector was also infected by foreign multi-national corporations through the so-called “Green Revolution.”
Before being appointed to the post of Indian Finance Minister, Dr. Singh was decisive in creating the financial crisis in India through coordination with the IMF. The policies of Dr. Singh by design also left India without enough reserves to meet its financial commitments. India was also deprived of the means to improve its economy by IMF policies The origins of these policies became obvious when Indian civil servants started complaining of sloppy, American-style, and non-British spelling, writing, and grammar in Indian government finance documents and papers. As a result Indian national assets and wealth were siphoned off and foreign control, including that of the Bank of England, of Indian finances began. 1996 spelled the death of the Rao Administration in India because of the backlash of economic liberalization and the unpopularity of the government.
With the economic shifts of 1991 began the road down the path to political shift. On May 22, 2004 the IMF’s man in New Delhi, Dr. Singh,  returned to office to became the Prime Minister of India. This time political reforms including turning India’s back on the Non-Alignment Movement (N.A.M.), Iran at the IAEA, and Russia’s aim to realize the Primakov Doctrine were on the table."
CFR's view
An Indian's view........
India US Delhi Declaration Obama Modi 
25th January 2015
IMF,a reported toll of the USA, increased its number offices to about 4 in India to "TEACH" Indians,in March-April,2016

Foreign Policy:- India's Achilles' Heel Due,Mainly To Planted Leaders

   Foreign Policy has been the Achilles' heel of a weak India,due to many reasons,but mainly Leaders Planted by the West,working against the Nation,via the RBI,at least from the 1980s. 
  But after the fall of the erstwhile USSR,NATO began to implement its Globalism with utmost ruthlessness,attacking and Balkanizing many nations.
    Former Yugoslavia,Libya,Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria,Yemen and other African nations have suffered.The so-called,"War On Terror",is being misused to implement and enforcing  Globalization.
        In this context India has been forced to be pro-West,as Russia sort of snubbed India,while seeking assurances soon after the fall of the erstwhile USSR,forcing India to seek spare parts from Israel.from then on for the Soviet Weapons. Today,Israel,seems to have a solid "hold" on India,as whichever party comes to power in India,the first thing it does are;-
1.Announce that India-Israel relations are solid.
2.Send the Home Minister there as the NDA did in 2014
3.Send "some" ship, as the UPA under M M Singh did in 2004[INS Brahmaputra,was sent to Israel on a "goodwill" visit.
  And Pakistan has always been a thorn in India's flesh,with China joining in from the 60s or 70s,by providing Nukes to the former.
     The recent "agreements" signed by Xi and Sharif ,is of great significance.
  NDA has embraced Globalism and joined the NATO for all practical purposes.That is, India has lost her Sovereignty,and does everything on the orders of the Globalists from G 20[NATO faction],via the IMF,AGAINST the people of India,for the sake of Oligarchs.M M Singh has signed a "strategic partnership" with the USA,which is misusing it to tighten its grip on India.
      While Pakistan seems to have kept its dignity intact by being Sovereign,with China,USA and even Russia pouring Billions of US Dollars,into that Nation.
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