Monday, June 6, 2011

India Under The Indira congress Party A DICTATORSHIP.

Why India is a DICTATORSHIP under the Indira Congress Party.
1.The Indira Congress party ENJOYS POWER without Accountability.
2.Mega Corruption.
3.Selling India to the USA and the rest of the West.
4.MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist body,whose main aims are One World TOTALITARIAN Government and DEPOPULATION.
5.The Minority Communities are being appeased at the cost of Hindus.
6.False Flags with probably the help of CIA/Mossad and MI6 in Kandhamal,Lakhisarai,Singur,Nandigram,Gujjar Agitation in Rajasthan and Bhatta-Parsaul.
7.The unlawful attack on innocent women and children after midnight,in Ramlila Grounds on 5/6/2011.
8.Misuse of EC and EVMs.
9.Surveillance with UID,NatGrid,SmartGrid,Phonetapping etc.
10.Contempt for the Indian Parliament and Constitution,by the Indira Congress party.
11.A particular Minority Community members are offered Top Jobs,like CM,Ambassador, Governor,CJI,CVC etc which is UNETHICAL,as this is too HUGE compared to their population in India.
To be continued.........

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