Friday, July 1, 2011

Why India Is In Grave Danger?

1.An uneducated Woman is the unquestionable "Leader" of a particular party.
2.She is reported to be a Spy.
3.She is reported to be PLANTED by the erstwhile USSR and the Opus Dei.
4.She seems extremely corrupt,as per reports pertaining to Bofors,2 G spectrum scam etc and it is apt to name her a "kleptomaniac".
5.She is favouring the Community she belongs to,when it comes to holding Public Office.She is extremely anti-Hindu,more so,after she was told that she cannot be the PM of India.There is an instance of her denigrating Lord Ram,a Hero dear to almost all TRUE Hindus,in Gujarat.
6.She seems to have been contacted by the Bilderberg,in June,2011 in Switzerland.She talked about the NWO and the role of China and India in it and their relations,as per reports in today's[1/7/2011] papers.
To be continued......

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