Friday, December 2, 2011

The Indira Congress Party uses Subtle PLOYS to Justify its Undemocratic methods and Dictatorship.

The Indira Congress party wants less Democracy for India,under the pretext of the so-called 'growth' and citing China as an example.And Salman Khurshid was recommending "NO JAIL" for Criminal Oligarchs,citing adverse Investment and hence affecting "India's Economy".
        This is dangerous.It has been a One Family Dictatorship with the help of the Globalist International Bankers  in India from 2004...
         The Indira congress party has been using the following Globalist bankers' "TRICK" to get the Policies and Bills, which favour the US MNCs,Government and Globalists,through:-
1.Create a problem
2.Offer a solution,"which is THE Policy or the BILL" it wants implemented  to get through.Deus ex machina, at work....
  The above TRICK was used at least in the following:-
1.The so called "Indo-US Nuclear Deal',by raising the Crude price in 2008/9 to $145 per barrel and citing the same as an excuse for the said deal.
2.The Fiscal deficit was kept DELIBERATELY HIGH to cite the same as an excuse for Divestment out of PSUs.
3.Petrol and Diesel price DEREGULATION:-
        The profit-making Public Sector,OMCs were "WRONGLY" claimed as making LOSSES,for removal subsidy for them.An excerpt from the link above:- .

"The next question is whether the government is actually running a deficit vis-a-vis the petroleum sector. A macroeconomic view of the petroleum sector gives us an exactly opposite picture. Surya P Sethi, former energy adviser to the Planning Commission, estimated the contribution of this sector through taxes to the central as well as the state governments and contrasted it with the total subsidies provided by the government.
Table 4 presents the data in this regard. He presents the data till 2008-09. To extend the data to 2010-11, a search at the same source as his remained futile since the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell has removed both the historical as well as current data on this.
This table shows that in all the three years from 2006-07, the tax contribution of the petroleum sector is higher than the subsidies provided by the government, inclusive of the so-called under-recoveries. During 2010-2011 (data taken from Editorial, Peoples’ Democracy, July 3, 2011), the contribution to the central government exchequer from the petroleum sector is reportedly Rs 1,36,000 crore and to the state governments about Rs 80,000 crore. The subsidy provided by the government including the oil bonds issued on the public sector oil marketing companies during the same period is Rs 40,000 crore, i.e., 20 percent of petroleum sector’s contribution in taxes and duties.
Thus, the petroleum sector is not a drain on the Indian exchequer. Let us also address the issue of under-recoveries, which becomes a sore point for the government and the media. This figure is often quoted to show that the oil companies are incurring losses due to the governmental regulation. What do these under-recoveries mean? The difference between the cost price and the realised price represents the under-recoveries of the oil marketing companies (OMCs). The realised price is the post-tax price."

4.FDI in Retail:-
    The Rupee is DELIBERATELY WEAKENED and INFLATION kept HIGH to cite these as reasons.
5.The "Green Initiative":-
    The introduction Electronic means which exposes ordinary people to the danger,theft of their wealth and the Nation to DECEPTION by EVMs,in Elections etc.The Electronic and Digital records [which replace the very reliable PAPER ones] can be manipulated by hackers[delete,add,manipulate in seconds etc]
      Going by the above DECEPTIONS by the Indira Congress party,and many proposed ones, like the Communal Violence Bill,which will make the Majority Hindus and other Communal groups,liable to be dominated by  a particular Minority Community,it is obvious that the present Indian Government at the Centre, is a  Dictatorship of a Single Family and the lackeys of the Globalist International Bankers.                                                               

To be continued...

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