Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tax Evasion By Charitable Educational Institutions In India

      One has been reading about the "charity",in education,recently by many Oligarchs.While I have known about the tax-exempt Foundations,of the USA and how they usurped the Power of the US Government,THIS link,alerted to me ,to this danger,in India.Further,insight can be had from,the CAG,2002/03 report placed before the Parliament,on 13th July,2004.A RTI query reveals that Educational Institutions,being run as Charities,make Crore of Rupees.

   All these Indian oligarchs, have connections with the Globalist Elites,like the WEF,Carnegie Endowment For International Peace,etc.
   The Power at the Centre may be usurped by an Elite Group,comprising the Oligarchs and Globalists.
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