Tuesday, April 1, 2014

1/4/2014;UPA Attacks Gold And Silver Ruthlessly!

1.UPA raises tax on Gold and Silver imports.
     Tariff value on Gold reduced to US $ 421 per 10 GRAMS,from 445 and that of Silver to,644 from 694/Kg.
  At the time of writing,the prices of Gold and Silver,in the International markets are:-
Gold US $ 1286/US Oz [Rs 26751 Re 59.91 v US Dollar].In India Rs 28360/10 Grams
Silver US $ 616.63/Kg [Rs 36942/Kg];  in India  Rs 42835/Kg
Tax base tariff for Gold = Rs 25222/10 gram 
Tax base tariff for Silver =  Rs 38582 / Kg 
Premium on Gold in India =  Rs 1609 per 10 Grams About 6%
Premium  on  Silver in India = Rs  5893 per Kg About 16% !!!

2.BDI falls drastically.
Will be updated............

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