Sunday, March 15, 2015

Corporate Take Over Of India Under The NDA

In its eagerness to have an UNSC Seat,the NDA,seems to have sold India to the Corporate Globalists.
1.the budget presented by jaitley is highly pro-oligarchs
2.He repeatedly,mentions from new york and London that "adversarial tax-regime",will not allowed under the NDA.
3.Gold and Silver imports,are taxed at 10% instead of the original 2,thus favouring the US Dollar.This is anti-rupee and hence anti-national,as India's imports are US Dollar-based and hence the Rupee will get weakened further and further,via a vicious cycle.
4.Subsidies to the poor and Middle Class are being 'rationalized",on the suspected diktats of the IMF,WEF,WB,OECD,Western rating agencies, etc
5.In all areas bankers are favoured,as in Cash Subsidy instead of "kind'.
Cashless Society citing fighting black money though,money laundering cannot be prevented and privacy intruded,as one's wealth becomes Public.Impulsive spending due to Credit and Debit Cards,loss of wealth by hacking etc are the other dangers.
    cashless society is a way to prevent tangibles as wealth preservers,like Gold and Silver,which the Central Bankers,hate as they cannot print "cyber-Currencies" at will,by the pressing of a key...
6.24x7x365 Surveillance,via Aadhaar,SmartCity[proposed],SmartGrids[proposed].
  Compelling the citizens to use aadhar may result in ID theft too.
7.The land Acquisition Bill seems a copy of the eminent Domain of the USA.
8.CEA PMO is from the USA,as also the Vice Chairman of Niti Ayog,preaching Free Markets, when no such thing exists even in the USA,what with cartels in Gold Silver price manipulation,Plunge Protection Team,OPEC,Capital Control on Gold and Silver[imports] in India,QEs ,NIRP,ZIRP etc,which are subsidy to the Bankers,WTI Oil sales ban in the USA,different prices for USA and Asia by Oil producers,WTO,IMF,WEF, etc suspected and possible tolols of the Developed Economies,baning laws favouring banks of the Developed Economies by the BIS and USA,.... 
Will be updated.............

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