Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Climate-Gate and Carbon Tax

Recently Clinton advised fast action on Climate change.

The Green Technology,Global Warming,Greenhouse gas Emissions etc are a hoax for generating a new source of revenue,THE CARBON TAX,and an new "Instrument",Carbon Trading,for the Wall Street Bankers,who thrive on the unregulated and highly leveraged Derivatives to bankrupt nations and people.Smart-Grid will be used to control and monitor the energy consumption.Universal Identity Card with its microchip will also do the same,as per articles on the net on Technocracy[carbon will also become the Currency],in addition to its normal misuse by the Big Brother.
   The results will be devastating with LOSS of Freedom.A poor person selling tea in India will be charged for the CO2 emission,which is not the case now.If you burn trash and leaves for "fertilizer" in your garden,you will be charged.
   Carbon becoming a Currency will be a boon for the Governments.NO metals to be coined or paper or plastic to be printed.The Universal Identity card will be used as a Credit/Debit Card.
   But will the Globalists justify this,as Carbon is as abundant as SiO2,sand?
To be continued....

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