Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why India's 2011/12 Budget is important to the UPA[read USA]?

        The 2G spectrum,CWG and Adarsh Society scams have the major ones among the many under UPA.Under MM Singh,there have always been scams and corruptions.The Sathyam Computer scam has been overshadowed by these three.Recall Harshad Mehta in the 90s of the last Century,when MM Singh was a new Finance Minister,possibly planted by his Masters the Rothschilds and his former employers,the IMF and the World Bank.
       The above are stalling the functioning of the Parliament as the Opposition want a JPC and MM Singh is scared of the same.
       The USA is keen on the following "reforms"[read anti-India policies],which has to be passed by the Parliament after the Budget proposes some of them:-
1.Pushing the US GMO in India.This is a very important agenda of Uncle Sam.For this a False Flag is already on.The vegetable prices are very high,even though the production was RECORD this year,despite which,the Minister For Agriculture,Sharad Pawar,recently,in a well-orchestrated endorsement,of GMO,made the UPA's stand clear.
2.The US Bankers are keen to bankrupt Indian Municipalities with their Derivatives.Many cases are ongoing against these Bankers,not only in the USA,but in Europe too.[Milan,Italy and France].An agreement for US bankers' entry in India's Financial sector and PPP[India will lose her Sovereignty,due to this.PPP is also used to bring in Oligarchy,while India is a Democratic Republic.National Wealth will be transferred to the Oligarchs,Indian and Foreign.The ultimate aim is ushering in One World Totalitarian Government.]. has been signed,sometime back.
3.The US Pharma,wants to make use of India's HUGE population to make HUGE profit.Already Bill Gates' Foundation, with "ITS" Vaccinations,Gardasil,against HPA for Girls,is  recommending more of them for children.Bill And Melinda Gates' Foundation has agreements with the Governments of the states UP and Bihar,in Healthcare.It is reported that Bill Gates is a Satanist and is using his Philanthropy for DEPOPULATION in countries like India and Africa.He is also a big investor in the Stock Market,and this include shares of PHARMA and Bio-Tech cos,like Monsanto.The UPA recently made vaccination against Hepatitis-B for newborns compulsory,obviously,under pressure from the USA.
4.Education:-The Globalists of the USA[both in the Government AND Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,etc],want to convert the Indian Child,the future Citizen,into a Collectivist Zombie,using Philanthropy in OUTCOME-BASED Education by Oligarchs[so far 6 have started their attempts],a trick successfully accomplished in the USA by Rockefeller and Carnegie.Kapil Sibal,of Harvard a reported CIA front is trying hard to please his US masters.
5.Weapons Purchase for which allocation has to be made in the said Budget.
       Of course,the Indira Congress party and its partners want to win Assembly Elections in Bengal,to whom,Mamata Bannerjee of Trinamul Congress party[a native of Bengal],has offered sops in the Railway Budget 2011/12 and in Tamil Nadu,where the opposition to DMK/Indira congress party alliance is very strong,due mainly to corruption.The DMK,has as a tit for tat for the arrest of Raja, filed a case against Jayanthi Natarajan of the Indira Congress party thro' its High Court,regarding a Rs 300 Crores and Land  scams. 

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