Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why the UPA I and II are soft on the Maoists?

  Maoists terrorism is notorious in India in ONLY the BJP- and its coalition-ruled states.In the congress party's states it is almost absent.The reasons;-
1.In UPA II the Trinamul Congress party is 'friendly' with the Maoists.In effect this makes the UPA at the Centre a Terrorist.Its amazing that India is being ruled by TERRORISTS.
2.The Maoists have the support of the Jesuits[who,in turn, have the support of the CIA and the Vatican],who support the Christian Terrorists in India's North east also.The UPA's Italian "Leader" is a Catholic.The UPA is a puppet of the USA.
3.The Congress party is suspected to use the Maoists in False Flag genocide,murder,assassinations,kidnapping etc just before elections.Kandhamal,in Orissa and Lakhisarai in Bihar,are examples.
4.In Bengal the Congress party and the Trinamul Congress are against the CPM.who are against the Maoists.The former two are misusing the Maoists to oust the CPM in Bengal.
To be continued........

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