Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Under UPA India is a BANANA Republic by the Globalists,for the Globalists and of the Globalists!!!

India is a BANANA Republic under the UPA as all Democratic norms of the beloved Republic, are being shattered by the Globalist UPA.

India,is in the hands of the Globalists of the UPA like Con Artist MM Singh,member,Club Of Rome and a suspected PLANT of the Rothschilds,IMF and the World Bank.
  India is in the iron grip of the Globalists,as MM Singh is:-
1.A member,club of Rome.
2.Is planted by the IMF,the World bank and the Rothschilds.
        Singur and Nandigram occurred after the two Henrys murderer Kissinger and Wall Street supporter, Paulson ,met with Buddhadev Bhattacharjee,the Bengal CM,,to shatter the Indian Left who were opposing the so-called indo US Nuke deal being in the Coalition in UPA I..
Godhra,Kandhamal and Lakhisarai are also suspected to the mischief of the Globalists to smear the Nationalist BJP.
  Now cheating has started with:-
1.Documents relating to Adarsh and 2 G spectrum scams,going, 'missing'.
2.Huge amount unaccounted for after CAG Audits.
3.Secret agreements with the USA,the IMF,the WB and the Rothschilds by Con Artist MM Singh.The so-called Indo-US Nuke deal is one such.The aborted Devas/Antrix deal in which Con Artist MM Singh was caught red-handed is also one such.
4.Stealing elections  misusing EVMs,having the EC biased in favour of the Indira Congress party and its allies.Chidambaram who was initially declared defeated was later declared to be elected.
Read THIS.
To be continued....

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