Thursday, March 31, 2011

The West's Policy Regarding religious entities in India.

  The West is mainly dominated by the Globalist Oligarchs.These Corporates want Business and profit.So Globalization is used to exploit the cheap labour in Asian nations like China,India and Bangla Desh.They aim to capture political power and use "divide and rule",and mainly,Religion is used for this,by creating communal divide.In India already Christians,who are very aggressive,in all ways,but mainly politically,as the main aim is capture of Political power, are being portrayed as being VICTIMS.Godhra,Kandahal,Lakhisarai are some of the False Flags used by the CIA/Mossad/MI6/Jesuit/Indira Congress party/Trinamul Congress party/Maoists combine.
Muslims are also similarly portrayed by the West.This is the trick used to make the Majority Community of any nation look bad to capture Power,as they will be the ones strong enough to oppose the Globalists.In India the Globalists and members of the two Minority Communities  in the UPA are also used.It is worth noting that the UMELECTED Rothschild's PLANT Con Artist MM Singh is a member,Club Of Rome,a Globalist body.
To be continued.........

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