Saturday, March 26, 2011

United Nations a Body of Cheats?

  It need not be emphasized that the UN has failed smaller states,not only against Military Aggression,but in other types as well, like Depopulation,"Mandatory Sex Education to Children"[an idea of the powerful Paedophiles?] etc in which the WHO etc are being,reportedly, misused.
The USA,the UK and France have repeatedly misused this body against the Balkans,Iraq,Afghanistan and now Libya,with possible lies.Depleted Uranium has been used in many of these places,thus violating Geneva Convention.The prisoners have also been subjected to rendition flights to be tortured in many places.
   The UN is actually the US,the United States Of America!!!
   It worth noting that the League Of Nations and the UN were formed for ushering in One World Totalitarian Government,which the UN seems to have already become now,along with the G20.
To be continued.......

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