Monday, March 7, 2011

Why India is in Danger from the Globalists.

1.The Globalists are mainly International Bankers,who in their turn seem to be unscrupulous as the present Banking System they use and support is flawed.They oppose any CHANGE to the same.
2.India's present Prime Minister,is a Globalist,member,Club Of Rome].He is suspected to be PLANTED by the International Bankers[to make India lose her Sovereignty,for ushering in the One World Totalitarian Government] and was himself a Central Banker,[Governor of RBI].He has worked as Governor of the IMF and for the World Bank.
3.MM Singh is suspected to be PLANTED by the Rothschilds,the most powerful bankers and one-time,Gold-dealers.Their interest in Gold is reportedly revived.They,reportedly, control the Bank Of England.,the IMF,the World Bank the US Federal Reserve etc.
4.The Italian Woman is suspected to be a spy PLANTED by the erstwhile USSR and the Opus Dei.
To be continued..........

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