Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The dreaded Foundations and their mischiefs.

  Foundations started to have a vulgar ring about them after some Globalists used them for huge tax exemptions and to usurp power of the Government by covert means.
  In India these have been misused to have a good image by some industrial houses who have connections with the Bilderberg,Trilateral Commission,CFR,CIA etc and their fronts like the Harvard and Yale Universities.Using search engines to know more about the entities mentioned above will illuminate a person's understanding about the subject under discussion further.
  One industrialist found that he was very unpopular after nobody turned up for his wife's funeral and the body of the latter lay unattended for many days.This extreme antagonism shows not only how ignorant he was regarding having a good image but how cruel and mean he should have been!Then an idea struck him.He has to do something "noble" to have a good image and exploit the same for earning more money or preserving what he had.The child of this exercise was "Foundations".
 Bill Gates the dreaded Globalist,investor in shares,especially Pharma ones,and one who is interested in Depopulation using Vaccines and Healthcare has started one,namely the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,and has branch/es   in India.

 Some Rothschilds and Rockefeller  Oligarchs in India,have started "Foundations" and charities for "education",the same method used by Carnegie to control Children and Rockefeller to possibly usurp the power of the US Government.as per reports.    
To be continued............

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