Monday, March 28, 2011

Western Governments' idea behind providing "Asylums".........

The Western Governments,who are mostly Globalists, are  mainly concerned with ushering in One World Totalitarian Government.Why should any Government accept refugees and trouble their Citizens with taxes,decreased opportunities etc?
   So providing Asylums comes in handy in/for creating trouble/s in the nations to which these refugees belong,by using them as SPIES,trouble-makers etc.During the Cold War India due to her pro-Soviet stand and leadership among the NAM was the main target.Canada allowed at least one, Indian CIVILIAN aircraft to be a subject to terrorism.In the North East Indians have been converted to Christianity by the Crores,by the CIA,Holland,Japan etc.NOW South Korea seems eager to join the fun by trying to proselytize in India's Metros.The USA and Pakistan created and encouraged terrorism in India's Punjab,as a revenge for the liberation of Bangla Desh in the beginning of the 70s of the last century.It is strongly suspected that these two along with the International Bankers[who never forgive those who oppose their fraudulent Banking System,like the Fractional Reserve Banking etc] were responsible for the Assassination of Indira Gandhi,by proxy,as she Nationalized Indian Banks!!!One of the reasons cited for the present attack on Libya by the Globalists is that Qaddafi nationalized Libya's Oil Industry.

  During the so-called "Indo-US Nuclear deal"-days the NRIs in the USA were used for garnering support as they came in a procession to Delhi to meet the Parliamentarians.[Kissinger and Paulson were in India intimidating the Indians].
   The same is done to Iran,Georgia etc.
   Many of the so-called "colour and other  revolutions",in Africa and West Asia have the blessings of Soros and Co.
   In the East too Pakistan,Bangla Desh,Thailand,Myanmar etc provide asylums to anti-India Criminals and terrorists .
To be continued.....

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