Monday, March 7, 2011

States Where Hinduism is in Danger,in the so-called,"Secular India".

     Hinduism has faced threats for centuries and continues to do so.But now it is subtle,the methods used being Propaganda,inter-faith marriages,usage of Hindu names,misuse of the SC/ST benefits by other religions using Hindu names and claiming to belong to these,by one Minority Community[which is aggressively anti-Hindu] supported by the Vatican and the CIA.Some,reportedly, very high profile,but notorious cases like the NHRC Chairman and ex-CJI,K.G.Balakrishnan and Ex President K,R,Narayanan fall into this category.
    The following states are especially affected:-
1.Bengal[CPM,Islam from Bangla Desh a very dangerous threat].
2.The whole of the  North East.[CIA/Jesuits and Islam,from Bangla Desh and threats]
3.Andhra Pradesh[Jesuits and the exploitation of Maoists by them]
4.Kerala[Jesuits and Islam,threats].Jesuits desecrate one of the most respected Hindu shrines,Sabarimala.
5.Tamil Nadu[Jesuits and DMK threats]
6.Jammu And Kashmir[Islam,especially from Pakistan,Iran and Saudi Arabia]
 In BJP ruled states False Flags are used to create an impression that so called "Minorities" are adversely affected.
To be continued.........

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