Saturday, March 26, 2011

Indian Elections:What to expect.....

                Assembly Elections in Rajasthan etc are crucial in 2013.Bilderberg and CIA support the Indira Congress party.EVMs are unreliable and dangerous.
                In this context, the following two events,show surprising coincidence and my be the usual ploy to divide the Hindus:-
i)CWC meet in Jaipur concludes in January 2013
ii)Ashish Nanndy attacks Dalits. in February,in JAIPUR fest!!!   To create sympathy for nd rescue  Dalit Sushil Kumr Shinde,for his attack on Hindus,RSS nd BJP!

                Expect such controversies,this year,with an eye on the Assembly Elections.
The coming Assembly Elections in Bengal,Assam,Kerala,Tamil Nadu, etc point to the CIA and its cronies playing crucial but damaging roles[for India and her existence as a Democratic Republic].The US Globalists and the ones in the UPA.the [poodle of the USA],are converting India into a Corporate Oligarchy.
      Just before the elections in Gujarat,the following tactics are being used by the Indira Congress party,the election commission and the USA:-
i0US law makers demand denial Visa to Shri Narendra Modi ji
ii)Election after the FDI debate and Vote in the Parliament.the Indira Congress party seems to have 'arranged" with the BSP and SP,citing discouraging "communal forces"...
iii)The three notorious espionage agencies seem to be creating division,in BJP.
iv)Hindus being attacked on Caste and Religious basis like Aginvesh's insult of Lord Siva,recently.
v)Election date in Gujarat after "6th December",2012.very significant
vi) The Indira Congress party-controlled media are constantly mentioning that Muslims in Gujarat "fear", Shri Narendra Modi Ji.
vii)"Attacks" on Dalits being repoted regularly in the MSM.
      The recent iron grip of the USA on the UPA has turned India's elections topsy turvy,in favour of the Congress party as:-
i,The CIA/Mossad/MI6/the Jesuits friends of the Vatican Indira Congress party and the CIA/Maoists/Trinamul Congress party create False Flags to smear the main Opposition and create sympathy for their CRUEL selves.Kandhamal in Orissa and Lakhisarai in Bihar,are very good examples.
ii.Hacking EVMs Bush-style.A CIA/Mossad/Jesuit trademark.
iii.Having an Election Commission favourable to the Indira Congress party.
False Flags:-
1.Burning,raping  and killing Dalits.No temple-entry for DalitsThis comes in handy for conversion to Christianity too.It is reported in today's[16/3/2011] papers that  about 40  Houses of Dalits have been burnt,in Bihar.
2.Communal tension in Hydrebad,in November 2012,regarding a temple.
3.The buring of a Coach of TN express in nellore.
4.Communal tension in Assam due to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.
To be continued..........

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