Sunday, November 6, 2011

Danger:-The Proposed Trilateral Among India,USA and Japan.

    The Proposed Trilateral Commission 2[?] Among India,USA and Japan, is a Globalist take-over of India, with the original Trilateral Commission among the USA,Japan and Canada,as the basis .Use this Link too.
    The USA wants India to cooperate with ASEAN,[FTA,recommended by the USA,in the first link above, is for ushering One World Totalitarian Government].It is for opening up the borders to the East just like NAFTA,among Mexico,Canada and the USA.This is another EVIL step towards ushering in One World Government,by the Globalists.
    This seems a trick to prevent India becoming a FULL member of SCO which will be anytime now.A similar Trilateral 3 among India,USA and Australia is being proposed.
To be continued.......

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