Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MM Singh Does Not Like To Be Criticized For His Mistakes and Guilt.

MM Singh asks Advani NOT TO USE HARSH words,though he, himself is less than discreet and had used the harshest of words  ,[Minorities,especially,Muslims have the FIRST claims for the National Resources",on 9th December,2006],and has been betraying the nation,for more than 2 decades acting as the lackey of anti-India elements and obeying their diktats.The latest:-
       The World Bank's diktats regarding PPP, Privatization cash instead FOOD for the poor of India,etc,in the 12th Five Year Plan,as Chairman Of Planning Commission.

      Some years back[around,2005] MM Singh had been very harsh on the poor Contract workers who even did not have any Social Security.His words were even contemptuous.
M M Singh is lucky that Indians are a tolerant lot though many have utter contempt for his treachery and DECEPTION:-"TALKING SMOOTH AND STABBING IN THE BACK".
There is utter MIS-GOVERNANCE,with SECRECY as the main tool for deception regarding Chinese activities and Kashmir.He blames the media for problems with the Chinese citing his "personal" friendship with some of their Leasers.But Nehru was also friendly with Chou En Lai.
Not only MM Singh is betraying India but he is Taking Indians for FOOLS,also.
Intolerance to criticism, and mistakes is DICTATORSHIP.

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