Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Does the Planning Commission even care for the Losses India suffers and its adverse effect on India's GDP?

Does the Planning Commission,take into account and have any anti-dote,for the huge losses India suffers from,due to:-
1.The mega-Corruption,like the 2G spectrum scam,CWG,KG Basin,Devas,AI,Coal Scam etc.
2.Blackmoney,tax-evasion and Money-laundering.
3.Natural calamities like Floods,Earth Quakes,Cyclones etc.
4.Rotting of Foods and Grains in Government godowns like FCI[Food Corporation Of India].
         Food is expected to rot in 2012 Monsoon season.
      There may be many others,but the loss due to these themselves will be very huge and their PREVENTION will contribute to India's rapid growth[GDP].
To be continued......

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