Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Floods and Cyclones Occur Annually.Yet The Govts are Not Pro-Active!!

Floods UPDATE in India.
Extreme Weather Events in India for the last 100 Years.
Floods and Cyclones occur Annually,in Andhra Pradesh,Assam,Bihar,UP,Odisha as the case may be.Loss of lives and property continue to be  in Epic proportions.Thousands die and Lakhs are left Homeless.Crops get damaged.Live-stock are lost.Yet The Govts are Not Pro-Active!!Here's a Report by the Andhra Pradesh Government.The loss is thousands of Crores. Add to this others from Odisha,Bengal,Bihar,Assam,UP etc.
Have the Governments at the Centre and the States any PLAN in place?It is very sad to note that,they don't have.If the losses due to these are minimized,the GDP growth may be more.Where's MM Singh,who always claims, India will grow by "x%"?
A REPORT on Hazards.
Flood Preparedness and Planning.But is there any "concrete" action in place?
Loss due to faulty food storage is approximately Rs 40000 Crores minimum annually,due to PESTS alone.[20Million Tonnes of food grains are lost annually,as per the link above.Taking an average price of Rs 20 per Kg,the loss works out to be Rs 40000 Crores annually].
        Food wastage a Conspiracy,to favour FIIs?
       Food rots in Maharashtra,Gadchiroli District.
   These are only two or three areas.Since there are a lot of areas to be covered India may be losing HUGE amounts due to faulty Planning and INACTION,in areas NOT covered in this "sample" article.
   Efforts to lessen the adverse effects of Floods,[like construction check dams,artificial lakes]Cyclones etc mentioned above will increase employment opportunities also.Instead of spending HUGE amounts as "relief",AFTER the floods devastate,if the same is spent BEFORE the floods, as a preemptive and pro-active measure,the floods themselves and many miseries,especially,TRAUMA,of the victims,can be prevented.
    In 2012 Monsoon the food is expected to rot.No Infrastructure is in place to prevent loss of Food by rotting.
                      HERE's a news-item highlighting how,natural disasters like Floods etc affect Infra like Power Generation,adversely, due to shortage of Coal for Industries.
Yet another Flood/s, in Assam.18 LAKH CHILDREN adfversely affected in Assam,by Floods.
Your Excellency Madam President,
                                 Crores of Pranams to you.Let India continue to attain rapid progress under your excellent Leadership.
                                 While reading about floods,in Central India,at present I was shocked to note that these have been going on in Independent India for decades,with loss of Human Lives, livestock,property etc in huge proportions.Not only are these a Human Tragedies but a Financial one as well.
                                 Should NOT,the State and Central Governments be  pro-active so that these will not occur repeatedly, or their adverse effect on the three categories mentioned above minimum? 
                                 Please use the link below, for a short description of the same:-
                                  I am sure Your Excellency will see to it that the concerned will be pro-active and the adverse effects on Humans,animals and Property are minimum.I request Your Excellency to expedite actions on these.
Yours truly,

Acknowledgement from the President's Secretariat:-
Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!

To be continued......

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