Friday, September 30, 2011

Important Events Month-wise

1.The Italian Woman returned from the USA after staying there "in secret" for over a month,ostensibly for an Operation.Since she is the Dictator of India now,this is very dangerous for the national security.
2.China humiliated India by infiltrating in Ladakh and harassing an Indian naval vessel in the South China Sea.
3.9 Ministers and 2 Bureaucrats were in the USA,at the same time!!!.MM Singh[who is running away from India during embarrassing moments like questions regarding the  2 G spectrum scam] tried to bankrupt India by trying to take a loan for $ 1 Trillion,for the Infra Sector,of which he is Head[Committee on Infrastructure].India's Debt[about $ 2100 Billion] to GDP is high,52%.

4.Strong Earth Quake was experienced in Sikkim and the North East.
5.A note,by the Finance ministry has further landed the Indira congress party in trouble.
6.Communal Violence in Bharatpur in Rajasthan.
1.Communal Violence in Rudrapur,Uttarkhand.[2/10/2011] and Pratapgarh,in UP.
2.Loss of lives of Humans,Livestock,Crops,property continue to be HIGH due to Floods on account of rains and poor water management and Plans in place.
3.The UPA signs THREE agreements with Karzai of Afghanistan,which includes 'economic "Integration"[a dangerous word of the Globalists.The use of the word,"Cooperation" will make some Indians less anxious],Security and Training for the same[4/10/2011].
4.The President Of India,a Hindu,"missing" during the major part of Navratri[30/9/2011 to 7/10/2011] and Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday Anniversary.Navratri greetings by Non-Hindus.A subtle psychological ploy on and conditioning of, Hindus?
November 2011:-
1.FDI in retail was dropped by the UPA after hectic parleying etc.MM Singh visited Bali and Singapore.In Bali Obama seems to have BULLIED him for FDI in retail.
1.Assembly Elections were held in 5 States and the following are the results in 3:-
i.Uttar Pradesh - S.P
ii.Punjab - SAD-BJP
iii.Goa - BJP and Ally.
     Some Bills are proposed by the Indira Congress party,to USURP,the Powers of the States :-
ii.Communal violence Bill
iii. National Healthcare
iv.Right To Education
and many so-called,HR Bills.
Will be updated.....

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