Sunday, September 11, 2011

False Flag Tracker For The Proposed Communal Violence Bill.

          False Flags are a way to influence events.Gladio is nototrious,as well as many others like Pearl Harbour.In India the following are suspected to be False Flags by an interested political party and Foreign Powers[possibly CIA,Mossad,MI6].
vi.Gujjar Agitations in Rajasthan in 2008.
viii.Atrocities on Dalits and Minorities,including rapes of Girls,followed by inflicting CRUEL injuries and   murder .This has been happening in UP,as Elections are due in a year's time there.Cui Bono,in all these cases?THE INDIRA CONGRESS PARTY and its Foreign Masters who at the present tie happen to be the USA and the Globalists!
        In most of the cases the Opposition benefited in the succeeding Election/s.
                                  3 killed in Police Firing.Timing around "911".
                                  TN CM,Miss Jayalalitha explains and justifies the actions.

The Italian Woman "went into hiding", in the USA,avoiding the Monsoon Session,2011,as the Indira Congress party had tough questions to answer in the Parliament regarding its "mega-corruption",high cost of living, etc.It was expected that she would be brainwashed by the USA,before her return to India on 8/9/2011, to start discussions on the proposed Communal Violence Bill so that a particular minority Community can dominate others in India,including the Majority Hindus.Sure enough her party had a discussion on this with the National Integration Council on 10/9/2011.
         India is a Democratic Republic where the rule is:-"MAJORITY RULE,MINORITY RIGHTS".But the following is only a small sample showing how the Minorities are Ruling and Have the Rights too,for the last 7 years under the Indira Congress party..

TRAI Secretary R K Arnold
UP Governor Margaret Alva
TN      "         Fatima Bivi
Kerala "         Farookh
5 out of six Lok and Rajya Sabha speakers Minorities.
JPC Head Chacko
Food Minister K V Thomas
Farooq Abdulla
Panel[which,reportedly,took care of the things in the absence of the Italian Woman] contains 2 Christians 1 Muslim and 1 Hindu
      This is NOT PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION in the Democratic Republic Of India!

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