Tuesday, September 13, 2011

India Burning!!

The Nation is burning like a Furnace
Due to the Indira Congress party's non-Governance
MM Singh's stance
With a cunning countenance
[For the Bill Communal Violence]
To suppress  the Hindus
Belonging to the civilization Valley  Indus
The many mega-scams
Have put the UPA in a jam.
The Indira Congress Party,admiring Western man and woman,
Beat up the followers of an Indian man
Preaching Hindu SWABHIMAN!!
Telengana and Indians being Cheated
By the Italian Woman Uneducated.
The Citizens are starving
But Doggy Singh is joking
Inflation and corruption are high
But Citizens buy things with a sigh.
The North East Blockade
By a Community made
Lives of ordinary and poor Indians are in tatters
But  in World Forums P Mukherjee chatters
China humiliates
But MM Singh gets the accolades
MM Singh's and the Italian Family's secrecy
Because of their hypocrisy
With mega-corruption  above all
Will Lead in the mid-term polls to the Indira Congress party's downfall.

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