Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mis-Governance And Non-Performance of the UPA

1.Mega Corruption and scams.And blaming the previous NDA regime for all of them.
2.Selling India to the Globalists.
3.High Inflation.
4.Always talking about x% growth but ignoring the very very high cost of living.The value of the Rupee in REAL TERMS has fallen by about 50% at least in the last two years for the poor,Middle Class and the Fixed-Income group.Reckless Stimulus and Printing Notes,for the sake of the Oligarchs but ignoring the three categories mentioned above.
5.Following the diktats of the World Bank regarding the 12th Five Year Plan.[PPP,Privatization,which will bankrupt India]
6.Supporting the Terror of the Minorities,by being apologists for them, and attacking the majority Hindus by propaganda and misuse of the State machinery[the illegal,immoral,severe and cruel attack on women and Children  in Ramlila Grounds,Delhi, on the 5th June 2011,led by Baba Ramdev of Hindu Swabhiman],and gloating over the same.
7.Buying Tungsten plated with Gold for the price of 193 MT PURE Gold from the IMF.
8.MM Singh[time and time again] and the Italian Woman[to the USA,August 2011] running away to avoid facing the Indian Parliament.
9.Unrest in Telengana and the North East.Maoists on the rampage in Central India.
10.Lack of Democracy[that is Dictatorship if an uneducated Family]on all levels.Party,National etc.
11.Land Grab under any pretext.This in turn will create Food Shortage,which will be used to usher in the US GMOs who will try for IPRs on Foods,seeds and grains grown in India for Millennia.
To be continued....

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