Monday, September 26, 2011

Why The UPA Is Guilty in the 2 G spectrum and other scams?

1.Because it opposes the inclusion of the Prime Minister under the purview of the LokPal Bill.Only THE GUILTY ARE AFRAID.
2.It suppresses protests with an iron-hand,unheard of in India,except under the British and Indira Gandhi during the EMERGENCY.The violence unleashed by the Government at the Centre led by the Indira congress party is reminiscent of Jalianwallah Bagh[though many Leaders have compared this way,this is the thought that crossed my mind when I first read about the incident],on the 5th morning June,2011,in Ramlila Grounds.
   The UPA tried to bully Anna Hazare also into submission and even gloated about what it did to Baba Ramdev and his followers, of Hindu Swabhiman.
3.CBI seems to be taking orders from MM Singh under whom it is now.
4.MM Singh was maintaining that he is unaware of many things.Now it is proven that he had knowledge of everything from 2006 itself.
5.For all its scams[and they are HUGE and many,affecting even the national Security],the UPA,especially,the Indira Congress party, blames the previous Government:- the NDA[National Democratic Alliance].
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