Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Western And "'The", West Asian Espionage Agencies....,

         One is flabbergasted by the  violence,cruelty,mass-deaths and injuries,due to the many False Flags for which the three espionage agencies are mainly responsible,as they are very aggressive and want to usurp power throughout the World with overt War or covert Business dealings.India has been usurped in this way from 2004,with M M Singh as their puppet.A flash back shows their keenness to divide the world and rule,the entire World.Al Qaeda AND the above have connections,as incidents  prove in Syria,Libya,Iraq etc..
1. India  Kashmir.Hindu-Muslim riots under the Indira Congress party, Christiana being anti-Hindu and trying to usurp,Power and Convert people.Pseudo-Secularism.Support to the Maoists by the Christians,EU etc .
  Godhra.Kandhamal are typical -operations.

 2. Yugoslavia.the division
3.Egypt. Nasser humiliated by Israel and the Muslim brotherhood isolated.,in the name of Secularism.
4.Libya Islamists,[Al Qaeda] are destroying Mosques.This is for dividing the Libyans.
5.Iraq,Afghanistan attacked,based on lies.
6.the "dissolution" of the erstwhile USSR
7.Georgia Russia conflict
        This will be further,deeply explored in the Indian context......
1.The 1984 Punjabi Terrorism problem due to the USA, Pakistan and the West..Indira Gandhi assassinated by PROXY......just like Saddam and Qaddafi.She was killed on 31/10/1984, Halloween Day[On this day, Satanists Scarifier Humans. Was she a Human sacrifice?
2. Christian Terrorism in India's North East in which the first two,namely the Western and its allies had a part,which is well-known form the time of Rajendra Prasad or even earlier.from about 1700s.. .
3.Incidents[FALSE FLAGS],  like Godhra,Kandhamal ,Nellore,Assam violence involving Minorities has been a regular feature,BEFORE ELECTIONs, and are typical Gldaio-clones.
4.The Indian Left was trounced in its bastion,Bengal due to Simgur and Nandigram Massacres.It is worth noting,that Kissinger and Paulson met with Buddhadev Bhattacharjee,just before these two incidents.Keeping in mind that Gladio was used in Italy to keep the Left out of the Government,this may be the work of you know who.After the defeat of the Left,in Bengal M M Singh,said;-"REGIME CHANGE"....The term,."regime change", is used by the Western leaders.This establishes that M M Singh is a mere Western puppet.
To be continued

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