Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NCTC,SmartGrid,NatGrid,Aadhar,Trapwire,Promis,Echelon etc

echelon Signal intercepting mechanism
promis computer
PROsecutor's Management Information System    PROMIS
More on PROMIS
AND MORE.......
trapwire CIA's surveillance software[anti-terrorism]
Hacking of the intelligence site,Stratfor,by Wikileaks,revealed that the USA's latest,is TRAPWIRE.
     Does India have answers gto these and the Computer viruses,like Stuxnet,Flame,Gauss etc ?But,Indira Congress [party's,NCTC,SmartGrid,NatGrid,Aadhar,are meant for Surveillance for ushering in One World Totalitarian Government.
     NCTC is,being proposed, on the diktat of Bilderberg,as Clinton a Bilderberger,seems to be trying for this,as she visited India,with this as one of her aims,in May,2012.Janet Napolitano,Head Of USA,Homeland Security[DHS] and Leon Paneta former CIA Chief,visited and met with Chidambarma,the then Home Minister,in 2011.
    The Indira Congress party is anxious to implement NCTC despite opposition from States,as the former tries usurp the Power of the latter.
     Trapwire and Anonymizer in Global Surveillance.
To be continued.....

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