Monday, December 20, 2010

Economic Impact Of Inadequate Toilets in India.

Economic Impact Of Inadequate Toilets in India,as per the World Bank.
       While the said lack in rural areas, is a benefit in terms of Fertilizing the soil,[human excreta are used on Potato cultivation],it is an embarrassment in Cities.So either  Housing for the poor with proper toilets is a must or migration to these places from rural areas should be reduced.
       India's urban population is 30 Crores and the remaining 90 crores stay in rural areas.51% of the Urban population of 16.5 crores, do not have proper sanitation facilities.Assuming a toilet for 1 per 4 persons,the number of toilets needed in the Urban areas of India is:- 4.2 crores.Assuming a "Total Cost"[including building and maintenance],Rs 1.25 lakhs per toilet,the cost works out to be, Rs 5.7 LAKH Crores.The interest for this is Rs 57000 per year,at 10% .
       The amount for the rural areas,from a similar realistic calculation,works out to be:-Rs 11 lakh Crores and the annual interest is Rs 1.1 lakh crores.
       The total interest burden on the Government is Rs 1.67 lakh crores.
       The loss cited by the World Bank is Rs 24000 crores per annum.
Conclusion:-Apart from the Human sufferings,like loss of lives,diseases etc, it is better to leave things as they are from an economical point of view,or start building TOILETS,at a small and affordable, rate.
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