Thursday, December 2, 2010

Globalists Of India

The following are some of the Globalists Of India,as per articles on the net:-
1.MM Singh,member,Club Of Rome.Suspected to be a Rothschild Plant.
2.Montek Singh Ahuliwalia.Former,IMF and World Bank employee.
3.Narayanamurthy of Infosys,Trilateral Commission.
4.Ratan tata,connections with Bilderberg,Harvard University and CIA.
5.Kapil Sibal CIA,Harvard.
7.Antonia Maino.KGB and Opus Dei.
8.Sunil Bharati Mittal,Trilateral Commission,Carnegie Foundation and Rothschilds.
9.Nandan Nilekani had gifted $5 million to Yale University,a reported CIA front
10.Anand Mahindra donated $10 million for a Humanities Centre at Harvard,a reported CIA front.
11.Indira Nooyi,Bilderberg attendee.

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