Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Most Disturbing facts About MM Singh.

The Most Disturbing facts About MM Singh,member Club Of Rome,and suspected PLANT by the Rothschilds,are the following,which is a trade mark of the Globalists:-
1.Insults the National Anthem.
2.Insults the Parliament.
3.Insults the Constitution.
4.Insults the Indian Law and Courts.
5.Insults the majority community,and thus uses "divide and rule".
6.Disrespect the breaking etiquette and protocols.Here the Con Artist is talking from Berlin.Actually he should mention this in India.Kapil Sibal also talked about a policy on education,recently,from a Gulf Country.
8.Going beyond the Parliament mandate,In Cancun,Jairam Ramesh,surprised,even,his own delegation,by betraying India.At the same time,the Con Artist MM Singh,was in Brussels.Had he communicated secretly with Ramesh?It looks like that.
9.Due to the contempt of the Globalists for Nationalism,almost all the so-called agreements,starting with "the Indo-US Nuclear Deal",have been signed with utter disregard for the Indian Parliament.In Cancun,Jayaram Ramesh,betrayed India by going beyond what he was mandated by the Indian Parliament,surprising even the members of the very Delegation,he was leading.
To be continued.......

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