Saturday, June 30, 2012

Letter To The Prez Of India:Sub,Floods etc

Your Excellency Madam President,
                                CRORES of Pranams to you.
          I had earlier sent a grievance to Your Excellency,regarding Floods and Food Damages.Please see below:-
          Now,there is news that massive Floods have occurred in Assam and may occur in other parts of India too,as the Monsoon intensifies.
          It is very surprising that such calamities are allowed to occur year after year.
         One is saddened,not only, by the loss of Human and animal lives but the whole tragedy resulting many other things like loss of crops, property , trauma of the victims,etc.The Government cannot simply look on year after year doing nothing
         I hope Your Excellency will do the needful,so that these tragedies are NOT repeated YEAR AFTER YEAR.
         Thanking Your Excellency,
Yours truly,
Your Request/Grievance is Registered Successfully!!
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