Saturday, July 7, 2012

False Flags to besmear Hindus,as Elections approach....

   Elections are approaching and False Flag attacks,to favour a particular communal party,masquerading as,"Secular",has started.This is  typical of this party.
1.In UP 4 Muslim boys raped and MURDERED,a Hindu girl aged 11 years,in June,2012....This is reminiscent of Godhra,Kandhamal,Lakhisarai etc.A Gladio clone.
2.Nagpur on 6/7/2012
3.Dalit yoiuth killed in Haryana.
4.I sympathize with Shri Robert Lakra and his wife Shrimathi Colestina,more so,as they aged,for THIS incident..
5.Tuft of disadvantaged children's hair cut in Karnataka School.Social groups protest.
6.14-year-old student forced to drink urine in Tamil Nadu school.
      Item 6 above is for "OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION".

7.The Italian Congress party is reminding and recalling,the Godhra Riots,and misusing propaganda against Shri Narendra Modi Ji.A False Flag ,as Assam is ruled by the Italian Congress party,and it is easy to "CREATE",incidents against Minorities.It has also,denied,that it is due to the Bangla Deshi immigrants.
For this the TEACHER has to be eliminated to be replaced by a FACILITATOR.hence this mischief by NGOs.This is going on in the USA despite protests by Teachers and parents who WILL lose control of their children. hence Teachers are targeted by Foreign-Funded, NGOs,who have to be Banned.
8.Dalit youth stabbed for marrying upper-caste girl.My sympathies for victims of violence,all the same.
9.Moral Policing in Mangalore,recently.
10.Fence around Dalit Colony,in Velayudhapuram,TN.I sympathize with the victims.
      This is the type of incidents,the Western and "the West Asian nation's'" ,espionage agencies resort  to,to create shock.Godhra,Kandhmal,etc CREATE this type of shock,and are the mischief of these espionage agencies.
11.Deaths and injuries due to religious problem,in Ghaziabad,UP,on 14/9/2012. .I sympathize with those,affected,which includes Religious Minority/ies.
12.Rape cases in Haryana,in October,2012.
Idols theft in Hydrebad.
14.Dharmapuri incident.
To be continued and updated......

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