Sunday, July 15, 2012

M M Singh Has Sold India To His Masters

M M Singh,the puppet of the Rothschilds,Bilderberg,Club Of Rome[member],IMF[former employee] and World Bank,has sold India to the Western Globalist MNCs and Bankers.Please visit THIS site for explanations,which will be gone into further details,in this article.The heading in this site reads:-
"India is being manipulated into losing her Sovereignty.The Future of Common Indians is very DARK,as the Indian Democratic Republic is being turned into an Unconstitutional Oligarchy,with "ruthless" CLASS WAR as the main Objective.PPP,Divestment,Privatization,DEREGULATION,Destroying Agriculture and "Culture",by Industrialization and Real Estate on Fertile lands,Deliberately keeping Budget Deficit and Inflation High,FDI in and Philanthropy for Education,Efforts to take over the CHILD by the STATE,Misusing the Minorities Against the Majority Hindus,Land Grabs,SEZs,GMO Foods/seeds,Misuse of Media by Predictive programming and other Mind Control techniques over the Masses,Misinformation using the so-called "Intellectuals,celebrities and other Public Figures and Bodies",UID,Bankrupting the Nation in collusion with the International Bankers, Dislocating Citizens of India from their places of birth,"REFORMS",GLOBALIZATION,DEPOPULATION(EUGENICS) and profit for the Pharma industry, misusing Vaccination,Bio-Terror like Bird-,Swine-,etc- Flus,Free Trade,NGOs,the Philanthropic Foundations,both Foreign and Indian,MNCs joining Indian Media Houses in campaigns,Technocracy(Scientific Dictatorship) to STEAL the Wealth of the Citizens by Electronic and other means,Carbon Tax/Currency/Trading,Stock,Commodities And Currency Markets,and ABOVE ALL THE UN,with MDG or Agenda 21,False Flags,Awards to Pro-Globalists etc are being used to weaken the people and thus their WILL to resist,the formation of ONE WORLD TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT,also called,THE NEW WORLD ORDER(NWO)."
          The Globalists want to from One World Totalitarian Government.For that,nations should NOT be Sovereign,but slaves of the Globalists.This is what the Globalists try to achieve,by manipulation,the so-called,DEMOCRACIES,by PLANTING their PUPPETS,BRIBING,threats etc.
          Let us take the points in the above quotation,one by one.
                      This is the rule by the Businessmen.In India,many prominent Businessmen,Politicians,NGOs etc are puppets of ,BILDERBERG,Trilateral Commission,Club Of Rome[M M Singh,member], Bohemian Grove,Skull And Bones[most US presidents come from here],Chatham House,Council On Foreign relations,Royal Institute of International Studies,Aspen Institute,Business Roundtable,World economic Forum,etc........They FIRST CONTROL the Media and then misuse it to misinform the Public to have opinions in favour of the polices they recommend,which are all BAD FOR ALL NATIONS.They misuse the UN to usurp Power in nations,like Afghanistan,Iraq,Libya etc......   
               PPP or public Private Partnership,is intended to make the oligarchs partners in the Government with Financial participation,in return for the Natural and National Assets being put in their control.The share-holdings in PPPs[in India the GOI holds 48%,Private player,48%,the rest some Government Institution,like SBI,LIC etc],is such that,these entities are ABOVE oversight.that is CORRUPTION,cannot be stopped and will be ENCOURAGED. 
               PPP is essentially,STEALING of the Public Wealth by private players and some politicians....   
               By making Indian PSUs get listed in the Stock Market,THEY are made answerable to FIIs holding shares of these PSUs.Thus both these PSU Cos and the Government Of India lose their Sovereignty..........Divestment when NOT NEEDED,as being done now,is equivalent to selling the Family Silver.M M Singh,has kept the Fiscal Deficit deliberately HIGH,from 2009,to cite the same as THE reason for Divestment.And the joke is,the Advisor,for the GOI,for divestment are the Rothschilds,who are reportedly,notorious,for bankrupting Nations,misusing Privatization/Divestment.    
4.Land Transfer Policy:-
        The Land Transfer policy has been eased by M M Singh,ostensibly,for fast completion of Infrastructure projects.But in reality,it is THE TRANSFER of national Wealth[land] to the private players and Foreigners,constituting, the PPP.In the Coal Gate,worth rs 10.67 LAKH CRORES, also he did the same thing.It is noteworthy,that the Rothschilds,M M Singh's Masters,are interested in india's Infrastructure .
To be continued.......... 

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