Saturday, July 28, 2012

Assam:Bodos Vs Immigrant Muslims From Bangla Desh!

    The "religious violence" in Assam is,reportedly, between Immigrant Muslims from Bangla Desh and Indian Bodos!Yet,the appeasing Indira congress party denies this.Death toll about 45,Lakhs displaced.Insecurity prevails.....The Indira Congress party was late in taking strong decisions,as usual,when iit concerns a particular Community.
    The following photo is from THIS link:-

    The following photo is from THIS link:-

    The following photo is from this link.

       The following photo is from THIS LINK:-

        The following photo is from THIS link:-

        M M Singh,ONLY worriued abortive selling India to the Rothschilds and Bilderberg!M M Singh was not aware of facts and locals were not 'impressed' by his routine and irrelevant comment and solution.
5 more killed,as on 5/8/2012.Total 61 so far.
  Muslims protest,in Mumbai,voilently, Assam "Communal" Violence involving Illegal Bangla Deshi Muslims and Indian Bodos, burning vehicles etc.
Chronology of the meting and further events.
   2 killed,as a protest,mentioned above, arranged by,one Raza Academy, turned violent.The Academy distanced itself against the violence.The following photos are from the above link:-

      The following extract is from this LINK:-
"The protest call was given by a city-based outfit, Raza Academy, to denounce the riots in Assam and also the alleged attacks on a minority community in Myanmar. Awami Vikas Party (AVP), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, had also taken part in the protest."
    The above photo is from THIS LINK:-
    Women allegedly,molested,Memorial For the UNKNOWN SOLDIER,desecrated,by the protesters..
    Police personnel who bore the brunt of religious violence at Azad Maidan Mumbai,protest for the sake of Bangla Deshis.
    Exodus of NE residents in Bangalore and Security personnel[30,000],from Bangalore.
Minor explosion in Pune.Child who picked up explosive suffers minor injuries.
12 from North East attacked in Pune.As per this report,10 were attacked.
Aggression of a particular Community in Lucknow.15 arrested,as Muslims resort to a procession without permission.
One killed in Kokrajhar.toll 78..
     Two dead and 7 injured on attack on NE people in a train from Bangalore to Guwahati..Two more bodies from the train found near Falakkata.
     THIS link shows that the problem is due to Bangla Deshi Muslims,who claim Indian Citizenship.The caption says it all.
                 7 killed in Assam.
One killed in Students' protests.
North East shut-down demanding repatriation of Bangla Deshis.

ISI and DGFI want to bleed India misusing Bangla Deshi illegal immigrants.
The arrest of a couple of illegal immigrants travelling to Kerala on fake identification cards and documentation from a train from Karnataka -- the police were believed to have been helped by the members of BJP's students' union Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad -- has further fuelled the debate.
                  Five youths belonging to the Minority Community arrested for lynching for lynching 4 Bodo Youths,
To be continued....

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