Friday, September 21, 2012

IMPTRESSIVE Photos:Anti-India and Pro-MNC Policies...

1.The following photo is from THIS link:.How EVIL this person looks.-
Troubles start again for India after the 1990s..In 2004 M M Singh becomes P<M of India.he is NOT ELECTED by POPULAR VOTE.
The following photo is from THIS link.

2.This from THIS link.Both look UNIMPRESSIVE!A person took off his shirt and asked him to leave when he tried to speak in a function in Delhi,arranged by Indisn Law Association in Vigyan Bhavan..

The following photo is from THIS link:\Il Duce is uncomfortyable while "he" is unable eevn to face the Camera.

4.The following photo showing a Delhi SC lawyer asking M M Singh to roll back Diesel price and go back..

The following photos are DNAIndia showing the same lawyer above protesting against M M Singh,22/9/2012,Delhi

5.The following photo is from THIS link.M M Singh's claim is wrong and a LIE,as Pranab Mukherjee an d Kaushikk Basu were grilled in the USA,for Diesel price hike and FDI in MultiBrand retail. Il Duce's SECRET trips are a threat to India.FDI and other anit-India polcies sugar-coated
 as reforms,are on the diktat of the Bilderberg,Rothschilds,IMF,the World bank etc.

6.The following photo is from NDTV dated 5/10/2012,front page regarding THIS link:-

7.The following photo is from THIS link:-

8.The following photo is from THIS link:-

9.The following pt is from THIS link:-Facial expressions speak volumes.....

To be continued.....

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