Friday, September 28, 2012


     The Kevlar Panel[a parrot of the Indira Congress party which is in its turn,the PUPPET of Bilderberg,IMF and the World bank],has suggested that SUBSIDIES be COMPLETELY removed,for reducing[?], the Fiscal deficit!!This is arrogance at its worst and contemptuous....The Indira Congress Party and its puppets are making monkeys of Indians:-that too arrogantly and without stop!

     The Fiscal Deficit SHOULD BE STOPPED in the following manner:-
1.Stop the STIMULI,started in 2008.This is reportedly,continuing.... [BTW,AFTER 2008,DUE TO THIS STIMULUS,THE WEALTH OF INDIANS HAS ERODED BY 67% OF ITS VALUE,4 YEARS BACK].This amount so far is reported to be Rs 13 LAKH CRORES and counting...
2.STOP the LIES called,"UNDER-RECOVERIES",started only in 2005,after M M Singh became PM.Before that there were no such claims and the OMCs were running on PROFIT!!
    The so-called,"Under-recoveries" are used as an excuse to hike the prices of petroleum [products and remove subsides on them,by DEREGULATION,so that the PRIVATE PLAYERS A NRI and a MNC can make huge profits.More so after FDI in multi-brand retail,if it comes into force.That's why the FDI in multi-brand retail , hike in Diesel prices and removal subsidy on LPG etc are being implemented TOGETHER...
     The Indira Congress party is joining,its Masters,the  Foreigners and harassing Indians as if they are subjugated..if Indira Congress party and M M Singh continue,EVERY SECOND is gong to be very dangerous for India! DICTATORSHIP!!!
To be continued....

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