Wednesday, September 5, 2012

M M Singh Has Destroyed India!

        M M Singh,a puppet of the IMF and the World Bank and very strongly,suspected to be PLANTED by the Rothschild,has destroyed India right from the 1990s.The utter disregard for the Constitution, India's Parliament,Civil Society and Judiciary by the Indira Congress party from 2004,reminiscent of Indira Gandhi's Dictatorship,,is extremely dangerous for India.
       The following are,proof enough:-
1.India's wealth is being transferred to the private players,Indian and Foreign.The recent Thorium Scam,worth Rs 48 LAKH CRORES,is an example.
2.Deregulation and self-regulation is being demanded by the Oligarchs.This is a Conspiracy of the Globalists.The national manufacturing policy and the demand by the CEO of SBI,for doing away with CRR,are but two of the many examples.
     Adi Godrej's demands like,OPPOSING CANCELLATION of  the Coal Blocks Allotments shows utter disregard,for the nation as a whole.

To be continued.......

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