Friday, August 5, 2011

13th July 2011 Mumbai Blasts:Musings!

      On the of 13th July,2011 at about 18:50 Hrs three serial blasts occurred in Mumbai.
1.This event,has occurred in the month of July.
Some of the EVENTS,in the month of JULY, are:-
i.11th July,2006 Mumbai train blasts.
ii.2005 London 7/7 bombings.
iii.And the recent one on the 22nd July,2011,in Oslo,Norway.
iv.The Annual Bohemian Grove all-male revelry with Music etc.[14th July,2011]
2."OPERA HOUSE" finds mention in both the Mumbai and Oslo events.Bohemian Grove,is also about Music and revelry.
3.One of the locations is near a Christian PORTUGUESE School,whose name contains the word "ANTONIO".
 One of the so-called leaders of Foreign origin in India,has the name:-ANTONIA MAINO.
4.Dadar is Hindu and Muslim MAJORITY-area,where blasts occurred.
5.All the three locations are having MORE  GUJARATIs.
6.7,13,11[2011],are Occult numbers of the Illuminati,of which the Bohemian Grove is suspected to be a part.

7.Hillary Clinton of the Bilderberg,visited India starting the 19th,July,2011 for the Strategic Dialogue II.The Joint Statement of SM Krishna and her,contains some dangerous PLANs,for ushering in One World Totalitarian Government.
8.So far nobody has been caught.This shows that the perpetrators have contacts with the corridors of power.
9.No group has claimed responsibility.
10.The 13th July,2011 Mumbai serial blasts,have all the signatures of at least one rogue Espionage and notorious State-sponsored,Terrorist Organization of the World.Any one of 4 International Espionage agencies is a very STRONG SUSPECT.
To be continued..........

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