Monday, August 8, 2011

The UPA Has Been Systematically Destroying India and Her Poor!

       The UPA Has Been Systematically Destroying India and Her Poor!This is quite understandable,if one realizes that MM Singh has been PLANTED by the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank.The last two,a FRONT of the USA,the West,Japan,Canada,New Zealand,Australia,South Korea and the Globalists,while preaching pro-poor policies with sugar-coated words,have been bankrupting nations,by usurping their resources.
       What the UPA,or the Rothschilds,the IMF and the World Bank,by PROXY, has done so far,in India:-
1.Extreme and MEGA-CORRUPTION.Corruption affects the POOR adversely.
2.Privatization of India's PSUs.Transfer of India's National Wealth,to PRIVATE HANDS,to bankrupt her.
3.Post Office investments gradually made very unattractive,possibly to favour the Foreign Private Banks.There is a report,that by 2012,the Indian P.O.s will be converted into banks.It is worth noting that the UPA is following many of the policies of the USA,where Lakhs of P.O.seem to have failed[as per recent reports].
4.Certain US MNCs, are being allowed to CHEAT Indians and Indian farmers.
5.The IMF seems to have sold Tungsten,plated with Gold[instead of pure Gold],for the price of 193 MT of pure Gold,recently,under UPA I,around 2008/2009,to India.If so,the LOSS for India is huge,as the value of Tungsten in comparison with Gold is almost nothing.[The densities of both metals, are the same]

6.India's Five Year Plans,under the Planning Commission,whose Head Montek Singh Ahuliwalia is a former  IMF and  World Bank,employee,like MM Singh, are now being DICTATED upon by the World Bank insisting on PPP,Privatization and Cash[similar to Food Stamps in the USA,where the banks are minting money exploiting this] instead food items to the poor.This recommendation of the World Bank is very cruel,as its cunning personnel, should be knowing the value of the Rupee will go down with Inflation,and now a days Inflation is galloping at double-speed.

To be continued......

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